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What is the default jumping/diving percentage? For offense/defense?

those are good questions, too.

I would definitely like to reduce the "radius" of pass-defense auto-diving.

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well, I kinda miss the diving a little bit...I've played a few games with this hack and without - I get more INTs without the hack.

xplozv, Is there a way to just reduce the amount (or range) of the auto-diving?

Try this buck. I adjusted the jump hack and raised the level of deflections and ints. I also put diving back in and adjusted the timing of the dives which also affects the distance. Let me know how these set commands work.

SET( 0x29BD8, 0xC94CB00CC93CEAEA )

SET( 0x29BEE, 0xC9FCB017C9FAEAEA )

SET( 0x29C99, 0xC90FB010C907 )

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New version is out. This very has a lot more stuff and a couple of unique things added to it. First off, I can't thank Jstout enough for making Single Defensive Player Control happen. Now you control only one defensive player at all times.

"8 in the box" controls SS at all times. In MAN vs MAN, RB1 & SS mano a mano.

"No guts No glory" controls RILB(MLB) at all times. In MAN vs MAN, RB1 & RILB(MLB) mano a mano.

Second major change is that all skill players (HB, FB, WR1, WR2, & TE) are all eligible on every pass play. So even if they are set to block, they are an available option for your QB. This is especially so when there is no one to block, or they may already have made their block. So remember that when on defense, you must cover everyone!!!

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I played around with what the creator of the rom did and was able to get 2 Krets functioning.  My questions are:

  1. Is it so that the "new"/2nd returner is WR4; and
  2. If so, can this be edited?
  3. The "race" of the player isn't set correctly by the computer.  Is there a reason for this?


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