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DL speed testing

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This might already be common knowledge, but figured I'd post it anyways. I did some testing last night with DL speeds. I changed all OL attributes to 6/6/6/6. Jacked up DL HP to 100 so they would break through every time.

First sample:




I found that the 13RS got to the QB first every time, then the 13RP.

Second sample:




Same thing here - RS, RP then MS.

Third sample:




This time it was different. The 88 RP was first followed by the 88 RS.

I decided to test this out further using a 3 notch difference instead of 1 (example: 25/6/6). What I noticed is that RS is the most important factor until RP gets to about 56, then RP becomes the most important factor. In no scenario did the guy with the higher MS ever get to the QB first.

One final test, I used.




The high RS/RP and RS/MS seemed to have the same impact while the high RP/MS guy was way behind. The common factor for the better rushers was RS. I'm sure for man vs. man games, using a defender with high MS would be ideal, but for computer controlled players it seems to be the least valuable of the speed attributes. RS-RP-MS...in that order. Until RP becomes greater than 56, then RP seemed to take over.


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These results are interesting. I'm very excited to use this info.

Please continue this type of research.

On another note: Since all these "tables" http://www.tecmobowl.org/forum//viewtopic.p ... 68&start=0 (the actual values, not just the "ratings" we see and adjust with TOOL) can be altered, I'm thinking about setting custom RS/MS values for certain positions (like DL, OL, QB) - and then "rating" the players accordingly to the custom table. Of course one would have to consider the "player conditions" and the range they can increase/decrease to.

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