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My spreadsheets

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These are a bit complex but I'll post them without a guide for now. Some notes.

Pretty much all the stats were taken from the following 3 place:




I use profootballfocus.com when I'm going through and hand tweaking stuff. The people at that site watch every single nfl game.

All QB and RB stats are adjusted for defenses played against. WR's and TE's aren't worth doing. I also re-attched jeids or maynards roster tool can't remember whose it is.

08 rom_spreadsheets.zip

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Here they should all be in .xls format now. I got a lot of warnings on the one with all the formulas converting stats to tecmo numbers so hopefully it still works right.

08nfl.xls= converts player stats to tecmo numbers

32 ream rom rater= Outputs approximate team strength once you paste in the output from tsbtool.

rostertool=used to convert excel formate to tsbtool format

tecmo rom rating spreadsheets.zip

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