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Spreadsheet of player ratings range

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Ever since the release of my first rom this year, I've been studying the original TSB to get a better idea of what original player ratings were like. To help myself, I compiled a spreadsheet showing the range of ratings for each player position in the original game. The ratings in boldface are ones that only a handful of players have. For instance, only a few quarterbacks have 81 passing ratings, so I've highlighted it so people won't think that's a typical rating.

I figured I'd share since this may be helpful for anyone getting started in editing TSB. It has helped me understand which attributes to leave alone, which attributes to adjust, and how high or low I can adjust them. For instance, I was unaware that all quarterbacks had identical RS, RP, and HP. I was also unaware that wide receivers generally had lower MS than running backs. This spreadsheet certainly won't make anyone an expert, but it's a good guide for people like myself who are just starting out. A screenshot is below, and the actual spreadsheet is attached for download.



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that's definitely something to look at when you're beginning ratings.

another good thing to do is download BO's "TSB Player Rankings" spreadsheet and sort it by team, then by positions. looking at the overall ratings (when grouped by team and position) like that will give you an even better feel of the 'rating spread'.

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