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2 hours ago, Max_Fischer said:

So that is my long unnecessary preamble to a question....when I load the 2020 rom (specifically, Tecmo2020_rev3.nes) into TSBTool Supreme it looks like the 49ers player data at the end is getting chopped. All the teams before that up through Panthers look ok, but here's what I'm seeing for 49ers:


TEAM = 49ers SimData=0x89170, 
PLAYBOOK R4753, P2573 
QB1, , Face=0x1e, #0, 25, 69, 13, 13, 56, 50, 44, 44 ,[2, 6, 2 ]
QB2, , Face=0x40, #0, 25, 69, 31, 13, 44, 38, 50, 50 ,[5, 6, 1 ]
RB1, , Face=0x99, #8e, 38, 69, 44, 25, 69, 31 ,[5, 3, 5, 2 ]
RB2, ÿ&


..and then nothing else, that's the end of the data. Have you seen this before?


I have. Use an earlier version of TSB Tool and it will pull properly 

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Ok thanks. By going back to _0.9.1_Beta I was able to load everything. Looks like it was not only cutting of the 49ers but also the Rams, Seahawks, Cardinals, and the schedule data at the end.

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