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TSB: Cut-scene skin color

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On a similar note: In the field goal scene, when hitting the goal post for either a point or a miss: Is the locations of the endzone colors known by anyone here?

I'm working on a "plain" green field (Tecmo logo already removed), and it would be a nice touch if the cut scene-field did match the field during gameplay. Changing the colors of the endzones during gameplay doesn't affect the cut scenes, ...

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No. Didn't fint the location in your thread. Can't imagine myself missing it either, as I have spent a lot of time there... very useful thread! I'm just gonna keep messing with the code around the cut scene skin color locations...

[...] the cut screen endzone colour is linked to the title screen

Interesting! Care to elaborate? :wink:

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According to this file I found while poking around on here the locations for the skin colors that you cant get to with Tool are

# Light Skin Color on Game Field


# Light Skin Color on Action Sequence


# Dark Skin Color on Action Sequence


I haven't tried to test this or anything, but its worth a shot

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