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RBI Baseball Editor

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I decided I wanted to take on a new project for shits and giggles. I have total baseball fever right now, and I have been playing a lot of RBI. Needed a break from Knobbe for a while, so I stumbled over to dee-nee for some RBI chit chat, and found the inspiration for my new project. There's a great editor out there for editing the original RBI game, created by a dude who is best explained to knobbe folk as "The Jlstout of RBI editing." He is known online as Nightwulf, and he created a kick-ass editor for the community. The only problem is that it's a web-page, so it cold potentially go down at some point. Plus, even as Nightwulf will admit, it needs an update. Being someone who likes to have a hard copy of things, as well as wanting to improve upon NW's interface, I sought out to mimic most of the nightwulf editor functionality into a windows app and hopefully improve upon it in someways.

So, I started mapping locations, gathering info, and hammering out code. I now have it to a point where it's ready for a beta release. You can view the official thread over at dee-nee by clicking the link below...I'm telling you all about this because this is a place to share our creations. Hopefully some of you RBI fans get some use out of it...or even better, hopefully this inspires some of you RBI fans hiding in the closet to show your face...

Fans of TSBTool Supreme will know this interface very well...thanks for the inspiration BAD_AL. Without further adieu, I present you...

RBITool Beta

http://forums.dee-nee.com/index.php?top ... #msg558908

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Seems like some people were downloading the wrong version (the wrong version was growing in download count). I took the .05 version down and left the beta release up there, so you can redownload it if you got the wrong one...

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