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Tecmo Super Bowl 2009-2010

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Hey all,

I've updated cxrom's 2007 1.0.5 rom to have the most up-to-date rosters possible. Ratings are on the conservative side, and you're welcome to tweak them as you like. I figure people would rather have things too "vanilla" than too wacky.

I've kept DB HP down for the most part save for guys like Polamalu, Winfield and Woodson. PC and REC are more under control than they are in the original rom. DLs are a little stronger than the original. For teams with QB controversies, the starter is the guy currently seen as the favorite (Sanchez, Quinn, Culpepper, Hill), and just a little better than his backup.

Races and numbers should be largely accurate. Depth charts are from sports.yahoo.com plus research on things like Denver's 3-4 conversion.

Have fun!

TSB 2009.zip

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