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COM defensive coverage late in season


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So it works in an emulator but not on the powerpak? 



I tried this hack on the repo ROM and for whatever reason, it freezes my powerpak when the CPU is on offense.  I picked GB vs. Atlanta, and whenever the CPU handed the ball off, the game borked up.  I'm hoping jstout can look into it, I sent him the files...

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I've been using the 4-3 hack on my custom ROMs since it was introduced. Coupled with late season coverage hack. Played through several seasons with it, and I would not go back to just 3-4, even though playbook editing get a bit more complicated.



Slightly off-topic, how do you edit the game without TSBTool Supreme? Unless, the repo ROM has other stuff in it that's throwing it off and the coverage hack isn't causing the issue...

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See the problem now....the service routine right before this hack branches to a bad opcode when you add this hack as its off by one byte when this hack is applied. Theoriginal branch...branched to $8B39 But as you can see below our jump command is at $8B38. So we are branching to a bad opcode (0x1B) instead of the start of the jump command 4C 1B 80. 


AT (0x28B3E) just change 0A to 09.  Problem solved. 




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Woops, you had my test value (x10) in there.  Just to be clear for anyone following:


Original hack by jstout:

SET(0x028B3F, 0xa53dc98090034cc5974c1b80)


Brud's updated hack (for 32-team REPO ROM only, I think)
SET(0x28B3D, 0x9009A53DC98090034CC5974C1B80EA)


where the red x80 = the value that determines if it's tough coverage or not (lower = tougher coverage more often).


(any idea if removing the 4-3 hack is possible?)

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