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If you wanted to create a guide to help others (like me) set up their online connection, that would be very helpful.

1)Go to multiplayer

2)Select Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

3)Select Nintendo WFC Setup

4)If you are using a wireless connection with WPA security go to 5. If you are not and have a Nintendo WFC USB, go to step 6.

5)Select Nintendo Wi-Fi connection setting, and select connection 1. Select Search for an access point. Once it finds yours, select yours and input password if needed and test connection. Go to step 7

6)Select Nintendo Wi-Fi connection setting and select connect to your Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. Hit A and it will initiate a connection setting test. If you've installed the software on your computer properly, this should be successful. When you initiate the test, you should see a little popup in your toolbar that says "User connecting to Nintendo blah blah blah".

7)After you test your connection successfully, go to Nintendo WFC, and connect online. Once you successfully connect online, you can find your Friend Code. Note that you have to do that first.

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Hey Cletus,

I can play tonight. I live in Chicago, so I am on Central Time. I already added you.

P.S. I played a kid just now, he had a super powered up team, and he was up 7 - 0 on me in the 4th quarter. Despite his super-charged "L. Taylor" running all over the field, I drove and scored a TD. Went for the XP, but due to the good 'ol lag, I couldn't get it off. So with 1:25 left in the game I kicked and recovered an onside kick. First play, I call a pass, his "L. Taylor" runs around and gets clobbered by one of my OL. My #2 receiver went deep, was wide open and I hit him in stride for the TD!. Went, for two, and got that. So I kicked off, with about 45 seconds left. He tries two passes. First one, he scrambles for about 10 yds. Of course I am in full prevent mode. Second play, incomplete pass. Clock down to zero, and he disconnects!! So, no credit for the win, no penalty for him, and I want to throw a pie in the face of each developer that worked on the networking code!

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