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Help creating custom players

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I might be wrong, but you gain more points during a season if you haven't added to your abilities yet right? At any rate, I don't think any statistical achievements help you get more points, so just skip to get points quick.

You know, you can have a 100 ms guy and you don't really need anything else. If you throw a bomb to him he'll almost always jump catch it, even with very low receptions. He's also so fast either they don't catch him or they run too far ahead, and even playing vs. someone else he's too fast to time a jumping block.

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I recently downloaded TSBIII & i created a bunch of guys & spread them thru the league but when I play a season the cpu always uses shuffles the created guys to the back even if the new starter has lower ability. Is there a way to lock the starting lineups? I tried going to season team data & doing it like that but the cpu stil overrules.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

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