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Example of meta-tile drawing (4 tile x 4 tile) blocks :START SCREEN

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Just wanted to give a quick example of how the " TECMO SUPER BOWL" text positioned in 4x4 blocks


If we go to 0x05056 in the rom we get the following data:  A5 b6. This is a pointer to the data sequence. Flipping it and andding 0x10 for the ines header offset we get 0xB6B5.


Since 0x4000 is loaded in as a $A000 bank. B6B5 points to $56B5


At 0x56b5 we have the following sequence


20 76                                    ; These first two bytes set which 0x0800 size banks from the CHR section of the rom (0x40010 onwards in 28 team)

                                             ; we will use that contain the tiles we need

02                                         ;  This byte tells us which bank will be used to draw the 4x4 tile sections 

20                                         ;  This byte sets our background pallete index

03, 06                                   ; These two bytes set (# of metatile rows, # length of the metatile sequence) 

09                                         ; this byte sets the starting location for the metatiles (refer to the image below) 

42 43 44 45 46 00                ; these are pointer indexes to draw the metatiles

47 48 49 4A 4B 4C

00 4D 4E 4F 50 AB


I made a spreadsheet helper to make things clearer refer to the image below


Going through the first line


42= draws part of the white S

43= top part of the S and part of the U

44, draws the red TEC and part of the m as well as part of the top of the U and P. 




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      There's precious little info on OG Tecmo here, and I have a question i was hoping someone (with greater hacking knowledge) could answer: 

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      I changed the Chain Crew.


      I've also modified the ball, so that it accords with the much rounder football used until (I believe) the 1950's in the NFL.


      If I could, I'd have rather wanted to place the Goal Posts on the Goal Line as per their (logical) placement in the NFL until the 1970's.  Alas, I couldn't find a way.  I was, however, able to change them to the traditional, H-style posts . . . or, at least, came close to making it appear to be so.


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      I think, I might try my hand at the SNES version and do the same.  Though, I must admit: I like TSB Sega better.

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