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Field color locations

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I've logged every field color location. Some of it was already posted in other threads, but not all of it.


SET(0x1a171, 0x09)


SET(0x2c0c5, 0x1a)
SET(0x2c154, 0x1a)
SET(0x2c422, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a015, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a105, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a10D, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a305, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a30D, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a2f1, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a2f5, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a2f9, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a332, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a335, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a0b1, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a0b5, 0x1a)
SET(0x1a016, 0x1a)
SET(0x1acc1, 0x1a)
SET(0x1acc5, 0x1a)
SET(0x1acc8, 0x1a)
SET(0x1acca, 0x1a)
SET(0x1acd1, 0x1a)
SET(0x1acd3, 0x1a)


SET(0x1a017, 0x2a)
SET(0x1acc3, 0x2a)
SET(0x1acca, 0x2a)
SET(0x1accc, 0x2a)
SET(0x1accf, 0x2a)

This is every in-game, cut scene, starter page and playbook location. Everything except intro and end credits. I could have organised it better, but I didn't, so just going by shade.

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Blue Field code for TSBTool
SET(0x1a171, 0x01)

SET(0x2c0c5, 0x11)
SET(0x2c154, 0x11)
SET(0x2c422, 0x11)
SET(0x1a015, 0x11)
SET(0x1a105, 0x11)
SET(0x1a10D, 0x11)
SET(0x1a305, 0x11)
SET(0x1a30D, 0x11)
SET(0x1a2f1, 0x11)
SET(0x1a2f5, 0x11)
SET(0x1a2f9, 0x11)
SET(0x1a332, 0x11)
SET(0x1a335, 0x11)
SET(0x1a0b1, 0x11)
SET(0x1a0b5, 0x11)
SET(0x1a016, 0x11)
SET(0x1acc1, 0x11)
SET(0x1acc5, 0x11)
SET(0x1acc8, 0x11)
SET(0x1acca, 0x11)
SET(0x1acd1, 0x11)
SET(0x1acd3, 0x11)

SET(0x1a017, 0x21)
SET(0x1acc3, 0x21)
SET(0x1acca, 0x21)
SET(0x1accc, 0x21)
SET(0x1accf, 0x21)


Blue Field.nes


Edited by Justice Weller Colde

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Didn't get all locations earlier, so here's an update:


(This is for getting a brown field, still just sorted by shade)


SET(0x1a171, 0x18)
SET(0x2c0c5, 0x18)
SET(0x2c154, 0x18)
SET(0x2c422, 0x18)
SET(0x1a015, 0x18)
SET(0x1a105, 0x18)
SET(0x1a10D, 0x18)
SET(0x1a305, 0x18)
SET(0x1a30D, 0x18)
SET(0x1a2f1, 0x18)
SET(0x1a2f5, 0x18)
SET(0x1a2f9, 0x18)
SET(0x1a332, 0x18)
SET(0x1a335, 0x18)
SET(0x1a0b1, 0x18)
SET(0x1a0b5, 0x18)
SET(0x1a016, 0x18)
SET(0x1acc1, 0x18)
SET(0x1acc5, 0x18)
SET(0x1acc8, 0x18)
SET(0x1acca, 0x18)
SET(0x1acd1, 0x18)
SET(0x1acd3, 0x18)
SET(0x1a187, 0x18)
SET(0x1a0a0, 0x18)
SET(0x1a0a4, 0x18)
SET(0x1a0a8, 0x18)
SET(0x1a0ac, 0x18)
SET(0x1a0db, 0x18)
SET(0x1aa89, 0x18)
SET(0x1acda, 0x18)
SET(0x1adba, 0x18)
SET(0x1a7f0, 0x18)
SET(0x1a7f4, 0x18)
SET(0x1a7f8, 0x18)
SET(0x1a7fc, 0x18)
SET(0x1a95d, 0x18)
SET(0x1a967, 0x18)


...these are a darker shade on OG-ROM, but this works better with brown field:


SET(0x1a017, 0x38)
SET(0x1acc3, 0x38)
SET(0x1acca, 0x38)
SET(0x1accc, 0x38)
SET(0x1accf, 0x38)


UNDER PRESSURE PASS (same colors as when punting)
SET(0x1a1c1, 0x27)
SET(0x1a1c2, 0x37)

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