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Final Super Bowl LVIII Edition!!

• PIT, HOU, WAS and DET are the "switch" teams. 28 team ROM so schedules are as accurate as possible. 

• 4 sprite variations are available: CBO (black outlines), CSP (cartoony and muscled up), CSS (better version of og 93 sprite) and NES (very popular).

• 2 different styles of game play!

FH- contains the following hacks: COM QB find open receiver, late season coverage, full juice command, COM 4th quarter logic, quarterly stats, motion from tri-set formation plays removed for more deception 

OG- no hacks. This is meant to replicate 100% the original programmers intention to create a game play style that ONLY the SNES TSB can provide. OG will only be using CSS sprites as they are the closest to the original and go best with the multi-toned turf.

• Rosters, ratings and sim data adjusted to reflect the 2023-24 season. Rosters filled by using a combination of most games started, most impactful players and season ending injuries that occurred prior to week 8. (No Rodgers, Chubb, Milano, Diggs) 

• Ratings are now comparable to the og SNES TSB!! No weird scales to determine MS, HP or any other attributes. Every player has a comp to the original. DB1 and DB2 are horrible!! Starting QBs that throw the ball into the stands!! Kickers so bad, their arrow is a blur!! Weak offensive lines, reduced Fumble % for players with fumbulitis, poor secondaries that can be picked apart. 


Programs used: HxD, TSBToolSupreme, Tile Layer Pro, Retron5IPSCreator 


Special thanks: War-6, XPLOZV, Drunken Gamer and Cosmic Crisp 

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