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Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB: All-Time Edition 2.0 & Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB: All-Time Edition ('98 Expansions) 2.0 2.0.0

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Updated rosters and some mods to the older version from 2019 (1.0).


Here are update mods for the All-Time greats hack. This version has way more modern players on the rosters and is basically an expansion era game (1961-now), save for a select few HoFers from the 1915-1959 era of baseball (guys like Cobb, Ruth, Williams, etc. are still here). As I mentioned before, I also applied the Game Genie code into this mod so the Speed and Defense ratings are unique and separate. So now the player's SPD rating affects their base-running on the basepaths AND their defensive speed out on the field, and the DEF rating now only affects their throwing strength/accuracy like it was probably meant to. Also, applied the mod where 2 strikes gets you an out and 3 balls gets you a walk. This makes the games even quicker and more balanced and slightly more low-scoring and stats a little more realistic (just a little lol, c'mon, this is Griffey!). 


And just like the previous version, I have an expansion one where the Astros are replaced with a roster of Rays and the Rangers are the Dbacks. I did those teams in order to get the stadiums and team colors similar, even though I realize the Rays and Dbacks are in the wrong leagues they are from. If stadiums don't mean anything, I can do another version where maybe the Expos are replaced by the Dbacks and the Mariners are replaced with the Rays? That would have them in the correct leagues at least and similar team colors still. 


Let me know if you think I should make more roster changes.  Enjoy and...PLAY BALL!!!

Edited by Darth Brett

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