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Welcome to the future.  2024 will introduce 16 teams for the Big Ten and 16 teams for the SEC, thus in the words of the media making 2 Super Conferences. 

First off, thank you to Baron Von Lector.  This ROM is a variation of his hard work.  If you haven't check out his other ROM hacks on his site.  I tried Super Mario with SNES graphics, pretty cool.  

Next, since we don't know accurate rosters for 2024, I went ahead and created a LEGENDS edition.  Best of the best for each school.  Turned out to be much more difficult for teams like Rutgers and Vanderbilt haha.

I like TSB3 so added a couple of features that are borrowed from there.  Field is one color for simplicity and to fix a couple of minor field glitches with the original rom.  Changed a lot of colors.  

There are 2 versions, neither are more or less difficult.  If you wish to modify to amp the JUICE, there are plenty of articles on this site to help you do that. 


Basically, there is a VANILLA version with little to no hacks involved and one that I added a few hacks that I see as adding to the game. 


These hacks are:

  1. Add Hut to Pre-Snap
  2. Decrease Fumbles by 30%
  3. Various Special Teams Hacks (Directional Punts, kickoff locations moved, touchbacks moved, add touchbacks for kickoffs, wedge kickoff return)
  4. Remove Excess Diving by CPU.  Makes it a lot more difficult if you can't just fake the CPU to get them to dive haha
  5. Player Controlled QB Rollout.
  6. Change Preseason music to use Pro Bowl values.


I want to say thank you to everyone on this site who has contributed.  I've had a LOT of fun playing these variations, especially the college ones (I find college to be more exciting than pro personally) and especially the SNES versions, I'm not there yet personally, but I admire what some can do.  Wish we could get an NCAA TSB3 at some point, maybe I'll try to attack that next.  

Obviously there is talk of further expansion of these conferences, so at some point maybe I'll replace the lesser teams with newer additions if/when that happens.  Also, perhaps the new Big 12 could play one of these conferences.  All ideas I'm floating but want to see if this one goes over well or if it's not worth the trouble.  I personally am enjoying playing this and feel like it's a solid idea, but I can't say for certain.  If there are suggestions that you want to pass along, feel free, although please keep in mind I'm fairly new at this so bear with me.  Was a lot of fun to do though.  

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