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Tecmo Super Bowl 2022-23 for SNES 1.0.0

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About This File

Using a 28 team baserom, so schedule adjustments have been made for the exclusion of HOU, ATL, JAX and DET. Due to juice command issues, all 3 seasons are 16 games instead of 17 for 2021 and current 2022 season.


Sprite updates: There are two versions available. 

1. Tecmo Super Bowl 2022-23:  outlined sprites, with new aggressive stance and refreshed for cleaner, crisper movements.

2. 2022 CSP+: Cartoony SPrites, all muscled up like the cut scenes. This version has some endzones lightened up so that these guys jump off the screen. Field turf is also muted. *see photos


All new endzones, splash screens, mini helmets and logos upgraded from the original May release. *see photos


Updated rosters: as of 10:00PM CST August 31, 2022.

This includes all roster cuts, trades, practice squad assignments, 2022 draft class, suspensions and team declined player options. *see photos


New uniform combos! A mix of newer uniforms (TB's all pewter) and throwbacks from the 50's (PHI, CHI) along with the classics, just to add a different element not offered on other ROMs.


There are 3 different available gameplay styles. 

0= original gameplay, no hacks, standard progressive juice command

1= computer coverage hack (week 10 type coverage, 5+ defenders out in coverage, starting week 1), standard progressive juice command

2= computer coverage hack, full juice command starting week 1


Adjusted team/player sim data for more consistent and realistic results.


Programs used: HxD, TSB ToolSupreme, Tile Layer Pro, stue (super tecmo uniform editor, thank you JG Games), Retron5IPSCreator, MesenS



War6- for the lessons, patience, vision and commitment to this very long process. 

Sarah Lea- for understanding my dream and not being too pissed about the 1000's of hours spent in the last 8 months to achieve said dream.

Everyone who takes a look and downloads this ROM. I hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it. Enjoy!

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