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Super Tecmo Bowl! (TSB ROM) Presented by MvG Sports 1.0.1

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About This File

Hello Gentlemen,


I was so tired of people calling Tecmo Super Bowl, Super Tecmo Bowl, that I decided to make a Super Tecmo Bowl on TSB for the NES!


Only the original 12 teams from Tecmo Bowl are in/edited/scheduled in this rom.  Those teams are IND, MIA, CLE, DEN, RAI, SEA, DAL, NYG, WAS, CHI, MIN, and SF.


There are 11 and 16 game schedule versions of this game.  I would call the 11-game version the OFFICIAL one, but play them as you will.  In the 11-game version, each team plays every team once, a la the original Tecmo Bowl.  In the 16-game version, teams play their intra-conference opponents twice, and their inter-conference opponents once.


All of the players from the Tecmo Bowl rosters are in this game and the starters should be identical to that version.  I derived the ratings from the actual ratings from the Tecmo Bowl rom while factoring in their fake game stats as necessary.  After I did that, I compared the ratings to the TSB ratings on TecmoGeek.com to make sure they were within the "regular" constraints of TSB.  Since this game is a bit of an homage to the original Tecmo Bowl game, all of the non-Tecmo Bowl players were given the ratings of the worst players at that position in TSB (see below).  The playbooks are also meant to closely mirror the playbooks of the original Tecmo Bowl.  With that said, none of the "easy/gimme" plays were included in this rom.  Most teams only have 1 RB for all the running plays (minus RAI) because they only had that 1 RB in Tecmo Bowl.



QB - Steve Grogan

RB - Joe Caravello

WR - Leo Lewis

TE - John Talley

OL - Ron Solt

DB - Andre Waters


*NOTE there are no non-Tecmo Bowl players on the DL or LB


I did the best I could with the simmed season and stat process.  I just clicked the AUTO-UPDATE attribute tab on the TSB Supreme Tool to use for the SIM STAT ratings (I did ZERO out the SIM RUSH stat for the SS position if curious because they were racking up a ton of sacks when simming seasons.  They still seem to get quite a few).  The faces for the players are all the same; I used 1 face for the Caucasians and 1 face for the African-Americans.  I was surprised to learn that there are a lot of player "color" errors on the original Tecmo Bowl.  I did also update the TEAM SIM STAT ratings as well, according to the Tecmo Bowl in-game fake stats, but I feel like the simming of seasons is kind of all over the place.  The RBs rake the stats because many are only the sole RB on their team getting carries, and the playbooks I chose are apparently more/most conducive to RBs getting a lot of receptions.  Please let me know if you have any questions or any feedback, whatsoever.  Thank you and take care, but most of all...ENJOY!




What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Pro Bowl Rosters Updated!

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