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USFL '87: The Ballad of Brian Bosworth 1.0.0

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About This File

A continuation of my hypothetical USFL series. Narrative up soon and in pieces. 


Player placement is based on collegiate territory research, polling, and some hypotheticals. Number re-arrangements for NFL vets based as closely as possible on that player's number in college. Veterans also based on researching preseason NFL transactions and contemporary trade/cut/signing rumors for a little what-if stuff.


This hack uses Buck's "Juice Helper" so it is challenging, though I also modified offensive stats--high pass control, receptions--to keep the frenzied "USFL" feel. 


If you wish to vote on future player placements, follow me on Twitter (@Tombor13). 


I apologize for the delay. 






-7 minute quarters
-Stats after every quarter
-Wedge Returns
-Directional Punting
-Graphic Tweaks, including funky end zones 
-Stat Tweaks

-Sim Data Tweaks

-Offensive Formation Tweaks 
-3 team, 3 Division Structure
-12 teams make playoffs (as opposed to original 8 teams)
-18 game, locked, custom schedule
-All Pro: '87 All-NFL Vs. '87 All-USFL (I had to make modifications: if an All-Pro is in the USFL, they were replaced by an all-conference or Pro Bowler) 


Transactions/Roster Edits:


*New Jersey trades rights to Kelvin Martin (NFL), Scott Schwedes (signed), Steve Trapilo (signed), and '87 and '88 Open Draft 1st round picks to Oklahoma for rights to Brian Bosworth (10 years, $15 million). The '87 pick is via Chicago, completing compensation for Keith Byars signing in '86. 


*Pittsburgh trades their 9th round selection  to New Jersey per arbitrator ruling after the Maulers signed Joe Shield.


*Memphis trades rights to Walter Lewis and Dwight Stone to Birmingham for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks in the '88 Open Draft; one territorial selection. 


*Oklahoma trades an 11th round Open Draft pick to Memphis for rights to Clyde Duncan per arbitrator ruling.


*Denver trades 16th and 18th round Open Draft picks to Houston for rights to Rick McIvor. Deal completed to avoid arbitration. 


*San Antonio trades James Hadnot (cut in training camp), 5th, 8th, and 12th round picks to Washington for rights to Ethan Horton per arbitrator decision; Washington request for a 2nd round pick denied. 


*Houston trades 4th round open draft pick to Washington for rights to Calvin Daniels per arbitrator decision; Washington request for a 1st round pick denied.


*Denver trades Stan Blinka to Oklahoma for a 6th round Open Draft pick in '88.


*Los Angeles trades Darrell Patillo to Baltimore for a 5th round Open Draft pick in '88. 


*San Antonio trades 13th round '88 Open Draft pick to Los Angeles for rights to Gary Moten. 


Roster Additions:



David Adams*

Jon Horton

Danny Lockett

Dan Saleaumuna*

Jeff Van Raaphorst

Darren Willis



Alvin Blount

Michael Clemons (2nd round Open Draft)

Chuck Faucette

Rich Gannon



Tommie Agee 

Howard Ballard*

Cornelius Bennett

Lewis Colbert

Keith McKeller

Freddie Robinson #10

Mike Shula*

Dwight Stone (4th round Open Draft)



John Carney 

Curtis Duncan 

Les Miller* (3rd round Open Draft)

Todd Peat*

Ray Wallace

Frank Winters



Steve Alvord

Steve Bartalo*

Tyrone Braxton

Jeff Criswell (17th round Open Draft)

Jon Embree

Merrill Hoge

Lakei Heimuli

Frankie Neal (1st round Open Draft)

Pete Najarian* (11th round Open Draft)

Ed Simmons (2nd round Open Draft)

Al Smith 

Kevin Willhite (19th round Open Draft)



Jerry Ball 

Ray Berry

Thomas Everett

Donald Narcisse 

Derrick Macadoo

Matt Stevens (9th round Open Draft)



Tracy Ham*

Kirby Jackson (2nd round Open Draft) 

Greg Lloyd*

Ricky Nattiel

Jesse Tuggle



Rick Finney (5th round Open Draft)

Charles Lockett

Tim McDonald

Christian Okoye



Tony Burse

Jimmy Clinkscales

Enis Jackson*

Wayne Haddix* (17th round Open Draft)

Tony Robinson

Elbert Shelley*

Daryle Smtih*

Theo Young*



Doug DuBose (22nd round Open Draft)


New Jersey

Walter Briggs*

Brian Bosworth (rights trade w/Oklahoma)

Cris Carter

Scott Merserau*

Ed Rubbert* (8th round Open Draft)

Tyronne Stowe*

Harry Swayne


New Orleans

Milton Barney 

Joe Caravello

Mark Carrier

Willie Fears

Patrick Scott*

Ronald Scott

Henry Thomas



Toi Cook

David Diaz-Infante

Kevin Gogan

Lorenzo Lynch*

Hardy Nickerson

Gene Taylor



John Clay (1st round Open Draft via NJ) ('87 Raiders)

Tim Gordon*

Andrew Jackson (15th round Open Draft) 

Robert Mimbs*

Scott Schwedes (New Jersey rights, Boz trade) 

Derrick Shepard 

Steve Trapilo (New Jersey rights, Boz trade)



Tom Brown 

Cornell Burbage (3rd round Open Draft)

Mitch Frerotte

Ray Isom

Mancia Massimo

John Settle (2nd round Open Draft)


San Antonio

Ron Bernstine 

David Caldwell (rights trade w/Houston, future considerations)

Sammy Garza 

Larry Kelm*

Kevin Murray* (signed post NFL Draft)

Eugene Seale


Tampa Bay

Eddie Hunter (10th round Open Draft pick)

Dan Sileo

Jeff Zimmerman (rights trade w/Jacksonville, future considerations) 



James Brim 

Robert Clark*

Kenny Flowers 

Don Majkowski 

Mike Junkin 


USFL Transactions Free Agency/Trades/Listing Acquisition



Kim Bokemper

Trent Bryant

Earl Cooper

John Harris 

Howard Richards  



Stefon Adams ('85 territorial pick)

Tyrone Anthony ('84 territorial pick)

Marvin Harvey

David Martin 

Mike McCloskey (‘83 territorial pick) 

Darrell Pattillo (trade w/LA for 5th round '88 Open Draft pick)



John Fourcade

Walter Lewis (trade w/Memphis for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round '88 Open Draft picks)

Junior Miller

Virgil Seay 

Ken Woodard



Owen Gill ('85 territorial pick)

Gary Ellerson ('86 territorial pick)

Mel Jenkins



Rick McIvor 



Rodney Bellinger 

George Cumby

Calvin Daniels

Marvin Powell

Al Richardson

Adam Schriber (‘84 territorial pick) 

Jason Stauvosky (rights swap w/Oklahoma, future considerations)



Charles Alexander #4 ('83 Bengals)

Bobby Duckworth

Mike Rozier

Turk Schonert 



Keith Browner ('84 territorial pick)

Steve Busick

Craig Ellis 

Paul McDonald #16

Timmie Ware #19 ('85 territorial pick) 



Jimmy Colquitt

Allama Matthews

Calvin Muhammad

Brad White 

Van Williams



Doug Marsh

Eugene Marve

Rick Massie 

Joe Morris

Butch Wolfork


New Jersey 

Paul Coffman

Joe Dufek

Garcia Lane

Jeff Rohrer

Mike Siano (‘86 territorial pick) 


New Orleans

Jerry Gordon 

Kyle Mackey



Clyde Glover ('84 territorial pick)

Alvin Hall 

Earnest Jackson ('83 9th round Open Draft pick)

Clint Sampson 

Byron Smith ('84 territorial pick)

Ted Watts

Jim Zorn 



Stan Blinka

Gordon Brown ('86 territorial pick)

Clyde Duncan



Dennis Fowlkes 

Ralph Giacomarro 

Bernard Henry

Joe Shield 

Larry Station (rights trade w/Chicago, future considerations)


San Antonio

Paul Allegre 

Keith Baldwin

Pat Franklin (‘86 territorial pick)

Ethan Horton

Lam Jones

Gary Moten 

James Noble ('86 territorial pick) 

Buzz Sawyer ('85 territorial pick)


Tampa Bay

Greg Allen ('85 territorial pick)

Chip Banks 

Harvey Clayton ('83 territorial pick) 

Jackie Flowers

Kevin Ingram

Florian Kempf 

Dexter Manley

Jim Miller

Bob Niziolinek

Joel Williams 



Charles Bowser

Lynn Dickey

Jeff Hayes

Dan Banish (‘83 territorial pick) 

Reggie Pleasant ('85 territorial pick)


*USFL '88 or future hack



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