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SNES TSB: Enhanced Sprites/4th Edit (Colored Socks) 1.0.0

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About This File

Ever wonder why the sprites for the cheerleaders, chain-gang, first down markers, goal posts, and a few other items in SNES TSB are outlined while player sprites were not? Perhaps this question will never be answered? Anyway, the sprites for this iteration have been outlined for fidelity or uniformity of most of the on-screen SNES TSB goodness.


1. All sprites have a complete black outline.

2. The first ROM: socks are colored to match team jerseys & cleats/shoes are black. The second ROM = all white sock version (socks will always be white regardless of jersey color). The colored version looks outstanding though!

3. Shadowing around cleats/feet have been lightened.

4. All wristbands are white.

5. All endzones are subdued. Note: endzones utilize the snow game appearance in both fair & rainy weather.

6. Added an alternate "subdued field." NFL logo and field markings now correspond to the snow conditions which allows for easier tracking of the outlined sprites.

7. No pant striping (since players are outlined, striping made the uniforms appear too busy & cluttered…so the modern term would be “clean.” Additionally, when white jerseys are worn teams have a white stripe—a bad look for teams like the Raiders, Steelers, Falcons, and a whole host of other squads so stripes were removed.

8. Dazed players now shake their heads as if dizzy when getting up after being knocked over just like the NES version. The original SNES sprites did not shake their heads.

9. All running animations have been tightened up.

10. Neutral sprite pose changed to a more aggressive stance as the original seemed a bit too passive.





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