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USFL '86: Shadow Market 1.0.0

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About This File

A continuation of my hypothetical USFL series. Narrative up soon. 




-7 minute quarters
-Stats after every quarter
-Wedge Returns
-Directional Punting
-Graphic Tweaks, including funky end zones 
-Stat Tweaks

-Sim Data Tweaks

-Offensive Formation Tweaks 
-3 team, 3 Division Structure
-12 teams make playoffs (as opposed to original 8 teams)
-18 game, locked, custom schedule
-All Pro: '86 All-NFL Vs. '86 All-USFL (I had to make modifications: Dennis Gentry, Bobby Joe Edmonds, and Tim McGee all made ALL-NFL as Special Teams Players; some other modifications based on ALL-AFC or ALL-NFC) 


Player allocation was based on a mix of the 1986 territorial and Open Drafts, narrative flourishes, and '85 NFL final cuts. In terms of NFL player cuts: I placed players based on their USFL draft status or regional proximity of their college or through research. 


'86 territorial rights/Open Draft




Phil Freeman

Greg Baty (rights trade w/Oakland)

Paul Godbey*

Max Zandejas 




Rich Badanjack 

Todd Bowles 

Tim Cofield 

Stan Gelbaugh 

J.D. Maarveld

John Taylor 





Jesse Bendross (‘84 territorial pick) 

Carl Byrum

Harold Hallman

Willie Totten 




Cap Boso 

Keith Byars

Jim Everett

Bobby Howard

Devon Mitchell*




Mike Busch  

Rick Donnelly

Dwayne Jiles 

Glen Kozlowski 

Vai Sikahema

Eric Yarber




Floyd Dixon 

Rory Graves (rights acquired in Weddington "liquidation" trade w/New Jersey) 

Brett Maxie*

John Teltshick

Reyna Thompson




Eddie Anderson*

Kent Austin (rights trade w/Birmingham, future considerations)

Ray Criswell

Alonzo Johnson (rights trade w/Tampa Bay for Alonzo Mitz)

Pat Swilling ('86 or '87 Saints)




Joe Cormier

John Lee

Erik Howard (completes '85 trade w/Oakland for rights to Damon Allen)

Robert Jenkins*

Allen Pitts

James Pruitt




Tony Baker

Brian Blankenship ('86 open draft pick)

Ravin Caldwell

Don Griffin*

Enis Jackson*

Tim Harris




Brad Cochran

John Offerdahl

Butch Rolle

John Wojciechowski 


New Jersey


Gill Fenerty (3rd round open draft selection, pick acquired in Sam Bowers trade)

Tim Green

Mark Jackson (2nd round open draft pick)

John Tagliaferri


New Orleans


Willie Gillus (15th round open draft pick)

Dalton Hilliard

Tank Landry

Ronald Scott*

Jackie Walker 




Joe Kelly

Rueben Mayes

Junior Tautalatasi




Tony Casillas

Charles Crawford

Rusty Hilger

Kevin Murphy

Willie Pless




Chuck Banks

Doug Marrone (4th round open draft pick) 

Mike Zordich* 


San Antonio


Domingo Bryant

Matt Darwin 

Seth Joyner

Larry Linne*

Walter Murray (2nd round Open Draft)

Anthony Toney


Tampa Bay


Jamie Dukes*

Joe Dudek 

Hassan Jones

Alonzo Mitz (Jacksonville territorial pick, signed after cut)

Orson Mobely

Ricky Moore (rights acquired in trade w/Birmingham)

Jesse Solomon




Dino Hackett 

Mike Haight (1st round Open Draft)

Napoleon McCallum (rights acquired in trade w/Baltimore for Curtis Bledsoe)

Henry Walls*


*Will appear in future USFL Hack 






Andre Francis (‘83 territorial pick) 

Al Harris ('84 Bears)

Jim Kovach ('83 or '84 Saints)

Odis McKinney (‘81 Raiders)

Art Still ('86 Chiefs)

Eric Truvillion ('87 Lions)




Curtis Bledsoe (trade w/Washington for  rights to Mark Kelso and Napoleon McCallum)

James Burroughs

Clarence Collins 

Dave Dreschler ('83 territorial pick)

Major Everett 

Cornell Gowdy 




Robert Brazile 

Jeremiah Castille ('83 territorial pick)

Bob Harris (‘83 territorial pick) 

Mike Landrum ('84 Falcons)

Malcolm Scott ('83 Giants or '87 Saints)




Tron Armstrong ('84 3rd round open draft selection) 

Todd Bell

Tom Cousineau 

Ted Petersen

Gerald Small 

Bob Thomas 




Hasson Arbubakrr

Wendell Cason ('85 22nd round open draft pick via Jacksonville, acquired in Hemphill/Turner trade)

Chris Kołodziejski (‘84 territorial pick) 

Larry Mason (trade w/Jacksonville for Daryl Hemphill, Calvin Turner, incul. cash, draft picks)

Todd Shell 

Byron Williams




Danny Knight

Bobby Micho ('84 territorial pick)

Allen Rice ('84 territorial pick)

Jimmy Teal ('85 territorial pick)

Mike Weddington (trade w/New Jersey for Kiki DeAyala, Ricky Sanders, and Hosea Taylor)

Mike Whitwell




Carl Aikens (part of Evans trade)

Vince Evans (trade w/Chicago for '88 and '89 1st round open draft picks and Carl Aikens)

Daryl Hemphill (trade w/Denver for Larry Mason, 2nd and 14th open round picks)

Ken Jenkins ('85 Skins, check '82 Lions)

Frank Middleton ('83 territorial pick by Tampa Bay, rights acquired in trade)

Mike Pruitt

Larry Swider

Calvin Turner (part of Hemphill trade)




Mark Bortz ('83 6th round open draft pick)

Michael Harper ('84 territorial pick)

John Hendy ('85 territorial pick)

Bernard Quarles ('83 22nd round open draft pick)

Kelly Thomas (‘83 territorial pick)




Sam Bowers (trade w/New Jersey for '86 3rd round open pick (Gill Fenerty), '87 5th round open pick)

Earnest Gray 

Eddie Hill 

Gary Hogeboom 




Ross Browner 

Bill Elko (rights acquired in trade w/Tampa Bay)

Ron Springs

Lawrence Ricks ('83 Territorial pick)


New Jersey


Kiki DeAyala

Chas Fox ('85 6th round open draft pick)

Russell Erxleben 

Kris Haines

Beasley Reece 

Tommy Robison

Jay Saldi

Ricky Sanders 

Hosea Taylor (trade w/Houston for Mike Weddington, Danny Knight, rights to Rory Graves, and '87 territorial pick)

Richard Todd

Reggie Wilkes


New Orleans


Perry Brooks

Hokie Gajan 

Gary Kowalski 

Todd Leibenstein

Herkie Walls 




Cliff Benson ('85 1st round open draft pick)

Greg Braclin

Henry Ellard

Neil Elshire 

Emilie Harry ('85 territorial pick) 

Jackie Flowers 

Mike Lush (trade w/Baltimore for 2nd and 3rd round open draft picks '87)

Mike Moroski 

Vince Newsome 

Dwaine Wilson




Theotis Brown

Duane Galloway 

Louis Oubre 

Stump Mitchell 

Drew Pearson

Willie Tullis 

Uwe Von Schumann




Less Browne 

Julius Dawkins

Scott Fitzkee

Guy Fraizer

Tom Orosz 

Don Smith

Leo Wisniewski

Dirt Winston


San Antonio


Greg Bingham

Bruce Davis ('85 territorial pick)

Doug Dawson ('84 territorial pick)

George Farmer

Paul Johns

Ronnie Paggett (trade w/Birmingham for 9th and 14th round '87 open picks)


Tampa Bay


Ray Alexander

Warren Bryant 

Alphonso Carraker ("trade" w/Green Bay for Mike Butler) 

Putt Choate

Speedy Neal

Marcus Quinn (trade w/Oakland)




K.D. Dunn ('85 territorial pick)

Kelvin Edwards*

Bubba Green 

Homer Jordan ('83 territorial pick)

Mark Kelso ('85 6th round open pick by Baltimore, rights trade as part of Bledsoe deal)

William Perry ('85 territorial pick)

R.C. Thielemann 

Tommy Vigorito 

Edited by Tombor

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