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SNES TSB1 Enhanced Sprites: White Socks / No Pant Stripes 2.0.0

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About This File

The sprites for this ROM have been enhanced for those like me who have problems with their color vision or have a difficult time differentiating some of the sprites from the field turf and other on-screen TSB goodness.


List of changes from my previous versions:


1. All sprites have a complete black outline.

2. Socks are white & cleats are black (happy medium between the original & my other enhanced version).

3. All shadows around cleats/feet removed.

4. All wristbands are white.

5. Neutral stance has been redrawn and many sprites were altered to accomodate all the sprite modifications.

6. Some end zones were lightened to compensate for the black cleats (IND, CIN, PIT, RAI, SD, PHX, ATL, & NO). Note, these end zones utilize the snow game appearance in both fair & rainy weather.

7. Pants stripes were removed...animations are smoother, uniforms have a cleaner appearance, and matches the lack of a stripe on helmets. Some teams do not look great when wearing road uniforms and sporting a white pant stripe (Raiders, Steelers, Chargers, etc.).


The attached ROM is the Original 1993 version without any hacks applied other than the sprite/color modifications as mentioned above.


At some point, I may upload an alternate version with pants stripes.





What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


A few amendments:

- Added an alternate "subdued field." NFL logo and field markings now correspond to the snow conditions which allows for easier tracking of the outlined sprites.

- All 28 teams endzones have been subdued.

- Head shaking animation has been updated/improved.

- A few sprite frames improved (Roughly 3%).




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