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The Age of Vinny and the End of History: NFL '88, HOT WAR 1.0.0

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'88, Hot War 

A continuation of the Age of Vinny narrative and hacks. The Narrative is available in the read-me. 


Labor issues have been resolved partially through a "Plan B" system in the face of pressure from a reconstituted USFL and, potentially, a new league in the Soviet Union as their "reconstruction" barrels down on U.S. Hegemony. The Cardinals have survived a relocation bid to Phoenix, after St. Louis' revolutionary council exerts control, making the club a public utility, possibly tying them to the plastic and concrete surface of Busch Stadium forever. Dan Fouts and Walter Payton, through new medical techniques, come out of brief retirements to chase that ring with San Fran and Chicago. Can the Browns three-peat? Can Vinny and Eric Dickerson breakthrough? Can Doug Williams deliver for the Raiders? Neil Lomax for Big Red?


Hacks are built on roms in 1970-1994 pack and USFL-WAFL hack. 



*7 minute quarters

*Wedge Formation on Kick Returns

*Locked schedule

*Stats after every quarter 

*2nd uniform edits 

*More USFL Players

*1988 Re-draft 

*Fouts signs with 49ers; Payton signs with Saints, other additions, both imagined and "what if?" (check out the narrative)  

*Back in the league: Gabriel Rivera 

*Back from the dead: Joe Delaney, David Overstreet

*Saved States for .fcs based on narrative season

*Results from narrative season (file is huge! watch out)



1988 NFL Draft


-Raiders get Rams and Niners picks (3)
-Rams get Colts pick
-Buffalo and Seattle will select in first round
-Bears get Washington pick (2)

Detroit (1-15) Neil Smith
Cincinnati (3-13) Thurman Thomas
Buffalo (3-12-1) Ken Norton Jr.
Atlanta (4-12) Randall McDaniel
Kansas City (4-12) Bennie Blades
Giants (6-10) John Gruber
New England (6-10) Craig Hayward
Pittsburgh (6-10) Aundray Bruce
Dallas (6-10) Brian Blades
Green Bay (6-10) Sterling Sharpe
San Diego (7-9) Anthony Miller
Washington (7-9) (Wilber Marshall) → Chicago Tim Brown
Rams (7-9) (Everett trade in '85, Sean Jones to Houston) → Raiders --> Michael Irvin
Chicago (7-9) John Stephenson
Philadelphia (9-7) Keith Jackson
Jets (9-7) Ken Harvey
Denver (9-7) Chuck Cecil
San Francisco (9-7) → Raiders --> Terry McDaniel (Dokie Williams, bunch of picks)
Seattle (10-6) Rufus Porter
Houston (10-6) Jeff Cross
Indianapolis (10-5-1) → Rams Eric Allen
Miami (10-6) Trade → Detroit --> Ricky Dixon (Eric Williams and 3rd Rounder in '88, 7th and 9th rounder '89)
Minnesota (11-5) Jumbo Elliot
New Orleans (11-5) John Hasty
Tampa Bay (12-4) Dermonti Dawson
Cleveland (13-3) Bill Romanowski
Raiders (13-3) Scott Davis
St. Louis (14-2) Chris Spielman


2nd rounders of note (Running Back roulette)
Tampa -- Pierce Holt
Houston -- Icky Woods
Buffalo -- Lorenzo White
Kansas City -- Brad Muster
Giants -- Gaston Green
Seattle -- Wendall Davis
Pittsburgh -- Jarvis Williams


3rd round
Giants -- Eric Moore
Cleveland -- William Dean Perry
Miami -- Eric Kumerow (from Lions)


4th round
Cincinnati -- Tom Tupa


5th round
Houston -- Chris Dishman
Rams -- Lars Tate
New England -- Chris Chandler


7th round
Rams -- Aaron Cox (never signs, USFL)


(Some draft picks may not be in this particular hack) 


I have a blog with narrative chunks up (http://ageofvinny.blogspot.com), though it has been very difficult finding time to throw narrative pieces up. They are all here, though, in the read.me. Twitter: @Tombor13 to follow along for week by week results. 


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