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Original 1991 Tecmo Super Bowl with Alternate Schedule! MvG Sports Comet Bowl 1.0.0

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About This File

Hello All!


To reinvigorate playing seasons against the CPU, I have altered the original Tecmo Super Bowl rom to have a completely different regular season schedule for each team!  All teams play all teams that they didn't play in the original iteration of Tecmo Super Bowl, thus there are NO DIVISIONAL GAMES!  4 teams (NE, DEN, PHX, MIN) have a new 16 team schedule.  The rest of the teams in the 5-team divisions play 15 teams that they didn't before, and 1 dupe.  The teams in the 4-team divisions play 14 teams that they didn't play before with 2 dupes.


Below is the actual schedule.  I did the best I could.  All teams play 8 home and 8 away games, but due to the schedule breakdown/circumstance, a few teams do play twice in one week, but for not more than 1 week.  I did kind of do a beta test regarding injuries within the same week, and players that do get injured in game 1 of the week can come back in game 2 of the week.  Please let me know if you have any comments/questions, but most of all ENJOY THIS!  I know I will!


Oh and a big thanks to the creator of the TSB Tool Supreme, which allowed me to complete this task/project




seahawks at patriots
vikings at bengals
packers at redskins
bears at eagles
saints at buccaneers
49ers at jets
steelers at rams
lions at cardinals
oilers at falcons
bills at broncos

bills at browns
colts at falcons
dolphins at oilers
patriots at chiefs
jets at bengals
raiders at steelers
redskins at chargers
cardinals at bears
cowboys at 49ers
eagles at rams
saints at lions
buccaneers at seahawks
chargers at packers

falcons at bills
bengals at colts
browns at dolphins
saints at patriots
rams at jets
oilers at chargers
steelers at cowboys
49ers at broncos
redskins at chiefs
giants at raiders
packers at 49ers
cardinals at buccaneers
seahawks at vikings
lions at eagles

bills at oilers
colts at saints
dolphins at falcons
seahawks at lions
jets at steelers
raiders at browns
chiefs at bengals
broncos at giants
redskins at 49ers
bears at cowboys
eagles at vikings
buccaneers at cowboys
chargers at cardinals
packers at patriots

saints at bills
oilers at colts
steelers at dolphins
falcons at patriots
bears at oilers
browns at giants
cardinals at packers
rams at broncos
vikings at chiefs
eagles at raiders
buccaneers at 49ers
seahawks at redskins
chargers at cowboys
lions at falcons

bills at bengals
colts at rams
dolphins at saints
patriots at chargers
jets at broncos
seahawks at browns
eagles at oilers
chiefs at steelers
giants at lions
redskins at raiders
49ers at bears
packers at falcons
cowboys at vikings
raiders at cardinals

rams at bills
broncos at colts
raiders at dolphins
49ers at patriots
browns at jets
bengals at chargers
oilers at seahawks
browns at cardinals
chiefs at giants
saints at packers
falcons at eagles
vikings at redskins

cowboys at broncos
colts at 49ers
dolphins at rams
patriots at redskins
jets at chiefs
falcons at browns
saints at bengals
buccaneers at oilers
cardinals at steelers
giants at seahawks
vikings at raiders
chargers at eagles
bears at chargers

49ers at bills
chiefs at colts
broncos at dolphins
rams at patriots
falcons at jets
colts at eagles
bengals at bears
oilers at saints
steelers at buccaneers
packers at giants
raiders at cowboys
lions at chargers
cardinals at seahawks
broncos at redskins

bills at chargers
colts at vikings
dolphins at 49ers
patriots at giants
jets at raiders
saints at browns
falcons at bengals
cardinals at oilers
bears at steelers
eagles at broncos
buccaneers at chiefs
lions at rams
seahawks at cowboys
redskins at buccaneers

vikings at bills
chargers at colts
seahawks at dolphins
buccaneers at patriots
jets at saints
browns at bears
bengals at cardinals
raiders at lions
cowboys at rams
broncos at packers
chiefs at eagles
giants at falcons
49ers at steelers

bills at seahawks
colts at cowboys
dolphins at vikings
patriots at eagles
jets at redskins
rams at browns
lions at bengals
giants at saints
packers at steelers
buccaneers at broncos
chiefs at cardinals
falcons at bears
bears at raiders
chargers at giants

cowboys at bills
steelers at colts
eagles at dolphins
packers at seahawks
vikings at jets
browns at lions
bengals at rams
oilers at 49ers
broncos at falcons
chiefs at bears
giants at vikings
raiders at buccaneers
redskins at saints

bills at redskins
colts at cardinals
dolphins at cowboys
patriots at bears
jets at giants
49ers at browns
packers at bengals
lions at oilers
vikings at steelers
saints at broncos
lions at chiefs
rams at raiders
chargers at buccaneers

cardinals at bills
redskins at colts
giants at dolphins
cowboys at patriots
eagles at jets
browns at packers
bengals at 49ers
oilers at vikings
steelers at lions
broncos at bears
chiefs at packers
chargers at saints
rams at buccaneers

bills at giants
bears at seahawks
dolphins at cardinals
patriots at lions
cowboys at jets
buccaneers at browns
seahawks at eagles
rams at oilers
vikings at chargers
bengals at redskins
49ers at chiefs
raiders at packers
steelers at falcons

eagles at bills
giants at colts
redskins at dolphins
cardinals at jets
browns at vikings
bengals at buccaneers
oilers at packers
steelers at saints
broncos at lions
cowboys at chiefs
bears at rams
patriots at raiders
falcons at seahawks

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