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20 Screenshots

About This File

Coach Mac's NCAA 2019
Tecmo Rose Bowl


Offering all the excitement, tradition, and intense rivalry of College Football


Just in time for the Army/Navy Game
Christmas, New Years, and the Bowl Games!


25 Teams from the Final 2019 College Football Playoff Poll plus Texas, Air Force, and Army.
My roms will always include all 3 service acadamies.
Air Force, Army, and Navy all run the WISHBONE


Rosters 100% Complete including numbers and skin skin color.
840 Pixelated Athletes.  
Best name Joey Magnifico TE of the Memphis Tigers


9 Game Regular Season (Max Juice)
8 Teams make 4 Bowl games followed by 2 Semi-Final Bowls, and finally The Tecmo Bowl


Semi-aligned Conferences.


All Splash Screens and Helmets updated.
No uniform conflicts

Basic NCAA Logo at Midfield
End Zones are painted gary but have no writing.


Each Team based on an Original TSB team
Minor Tweaks mostly to QB's and RB's
Appropriate Offenses and Sim Data
Check out the screenshots from the first simmed season.
Amazingly accurate!


Schedule shows accurate dates.
Clemson vs Alabama rematch of 2018 Championship is the opening game.
Intersectional Games LSU vs Texas and Auburn vs Oregon included on appropriate date.
All Rivalry games included, most on appropriate date.
All 6 Conference Championship games included on appropriate date (12/7/2019)
Army vs Navy last game of the season on appropriate date (12/14/2019)


#1 LSU (SF)
#2 Ohio State (NYG)
#3 Clemson (BUF)
#4 Oklahoma (HOU)
#5 Georgia (RAI)
#6 Oregon (MIA)
#7 Baylor (KC)
#8 Wisconsin (DET)
#9 Florida (RAM)
#10 Penn State (CIN)
#11 Utah (MIN)
#12 Auburn (CHI)
#13 Alabama (SD)
#14 Michigan (TB)
#15 Notre Dame (WAS)
#16 Iowa (DEN)
#17 Memphis (NYJ)
#18 Minnesota (DAL)
#19 Boise State (ATL)
#20 Appalachain State (CLE)
#21 Cincinnati (GB)
#22 USC (NO)
#23 Navy (PHI) (Special Wishbone Offense)
#24 Virginia (SEA)
#25 Oklahoma State (IND)
NR Texas (NE)
NR Air Force (PHX) (Special Wishbone Offense)
NR Army (PIT) (Special Wishbone Offense)


What's New in Version Final   See changelog


Final Version

Tweaked a few ratings.
Finalized Playbooks and Juice Levels


Version 6.6.0

I corrected the spelling of Wisconsin.

I also changed Virginia's uniform.


Version 6.5.0 has added the Awesome Uniform Uniform Hack.


Version 5.0 Updated Army, Navy, and Air Force

Fixed the third uniform bug for Wisconsin.

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