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Tecmo Super Bowl -NES (bugs fixed) 2.0.0

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The original rom has been completely rebuilt.  DO NOT TRY TO APPLY ANY OF THE HACKS LISTED ONE THE WEBSITE. It is extremely  likely they wont't work due to locations in the rom being slightly different. 



1. Fix pass overthrow INT check bug  ( QB's pass control never loaded)  
2. Fix player 2 condition bug ( incorrect ratings displayed)  
3. Fix avoid pass block bug during cutscenes  ( uses 50PC value all the time during cutscenes
4. Fix avoid kick block bug   ( uses worst avoid kick block all the time
5. Fix broken math that uses arrow location for FG's ( bad math that makes kicks slightly more or less accurate than they should be depending on arrow speed
6. Fix tipped pass out of endzone results in safety bug 
7. Prevent fumble in endzone on tackles
8. Fix TE sim target bug 
9. Fix sim bug that uses sim kr value instead of sim pr value
10. Fix sim injury check bug (It checks a memory location instead of an absolute value)



11. Fix schedule (home and away incorrect for many games) 


12. Restore Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Randall Cunningham faces and names


12. Remove broken, redundant data
13  Misc 6502 asm fixes.


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