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shibbydraft2018rosters (beta) 3.0

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About This File

  This file....   you have no idea lol.  before i knew what excel was or how to use it i jumped on and worked from sun up to sun down on this file starting around 2005 and ended up with atrophy in my legs so bad that i tore my acl when i finally became active again.  yes, weird and crazy...    i dropped tsb from my life because of how much of my life it took up back then.   however ive recently started working on the sheet again and had some fun with it.   again, never had any schooling on this so i just google everything.

      Right now it only rates 2 teams but i could easily add more.  but i wanted team 2 to specifically react off of team 1 when choosing a playbook so its hard to know what team to create the playbook against if theres more than one option.  it also throws in your highest hitting power player at the return spots.   
the ratings are all derived from the madden attributes through formulas.   im hoping to be able to just thrown in the next madden attributes when they come out and it will automatically just spit out the tecmo version of those ratings each year.  no real personal biases in play. 

anyway....   i never reset the draft, i just close it and reopen the file.

im still working on it and its not where i want it to be. just felt like i'd throw it out there to see if anyone could use it.   i like how it drafts, when it takes players because it creates a very competitive draft.  You cant just sit and stack your team with all the best players, you have to actually sit and think and sacrifice.  like a real draft should do. 

Thanks to Brinky! he originally added the Visual basic to the sheet around 2009 i believe?   ive tinkered with it for almost a year now trying to even understand vb a little and holy hell it aint happening!   but ive managed to change the draft logic to my liking and also fixed a wr3 error that kept popping up.  and i didnt like the whole export concept.  i prefer a quick copy paste.  much simpler.     im in such a hurry right now, hope i didnt miss anything.  

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