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NFL '58 2.1.0

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About This File

60 years ago the NFL Season that would end with the "Greatest Game Ever Played" began.


What you get:
2 versions (Original and Fully Juiced)

The 12 NFL Teams from 1958. 
All modeled and properly matched to an Original TSB Team.
Baltimore Colts = SF (Unitas = Montana, Lenny Moore = Jerry Rice)
New York Giants = NYG (Sam Huff = LT (but moved to ILB)
Cleveland Browns = RAI (Jim Brown = Bo Jackson)
Los Angeles Rams = RAM
Chicago Bears = CHI
Pittsburgh Steelers = MIN
Washington Redskins = NO
San Francisco 49ers = NO
Chicago Cardinals = JETS
Detroit Lions = JETS
Philadelphia Eagles = GB
Green Bay Packers = GB (Lombardi arrives in 1959, but many of the pieces of the dynasty are already in place)
The correct 12 game 1958 schedule with correct dates. (Including Saturdays and Thanksgiving)
An Old Fashioned Grass Field free from any distractions, logos, or colors.
No Overtime.
No Large Helmets (I don't get them or know how to move them so I just blanked them out)
1991 Mini Helmets in proper locations.
Accurate Rosters with numbers and skin color.
Accurate Pro Bowl Rosters.
Plus truly Original Game Play, as I have added "ZERO Gameplay Hacks"
We love this game because they got it right, even with the minor imperfections.


What you don't get:

Accurate Divisions.
In 1958 the NFL had 2 six team divisions East and West.
I couldn't do that so I made 3 four team divisions.
Below I list my Divisions followed by the actual 1958 the Team played in.
EAST                               CENTRAL                       WEST
Cleveland East          Chicago Bears West    Baltimore  West
New York East           Detroit West                   Chicago Cardinals East
Philly East                    Green Bay West            Los Angeles West
Washington East      Pittsburgh East            San Francisco West


Accurate Playoffs in 1958 the NFL Post season consisted of one Championship Game of the East Champion vs the West Champion.
I had to go with 4 teams.  The 3 Division Champs and a Wild Card.
If you win the "NFL Championship"  The Final Game will be the "Tecmo Bowl" vs a 1991 TSB Team.

What's New in Version 2.1.0


I figured out the Large Helmets!!!

They are now included.

They are the 1991 Helmets, but still better than nothing.

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