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Well. I thought that I could release this ROM right after the SB50, but don't.

Finally I have the job done and it's here to share with everyone.


3 Important things:


1. THANX THANX AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH to DRUNKEN HONKEY. Thanks for all the help you gave me man, without your help, this couldn't be done. Lot of patience and this is the result. TSB3 Bible too, cause without it nothing of this could happened.

2. I'm not a graphic designer, in fact I suck like a designer, but I tried to make the best in the graphical aspect for make a good ROM. In fact much of the graphical aspect in helmets and logos were took from previous ROMs. Thanx to all the people who make the TSB3 possible.

3. This is just for fun. Everything belong to their owners. It´s just for share.




Fine, let´s talk about the game itself.

For celebrating the 20 Years since the release of Tecmo Super Bowl III I created this ROM.


  • Best teams of every franchise in the LAST 20 YEARS (1996 - 2015)
  • Players and values based in Pro Football Reference records.
  • Playbooks adjusted to maximize the players.
  • Formations, Defense and Offense according to real life.
  • Rosters according to the year of each franchise better performance (There can be the same player in different teams)
  • Schedule system goes this way; 4 divisional games, 6 conference games, 6 games with the other conference (2 games per division). This way youcan play against a lot of teams.
  • No Texans or Browns here (A ROM with these two teams will come in a few weeks).
  • Uniforms were chosen to bring some variety, according of course the team uniforms and alternate ones.
  • Complete new FA and Hidden players.
  • The NFL Records optimized for the last 20 years, so you won't see Dickerson rushing yards here.
  • A guide will be released soon.


Well that's for now I hope you enjoy the game the same way I enjoy doing this. It´s a work from a fan to fans. Please enjoy.

And any feedback is welcome,

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog




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