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RBI Baseball 1871 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a fun ROM.  It is based on the 1871 National Association of Professional Base Ball Players’ season.  This is the first year that professional organized baseball existed.

Every team in the league is included, plus one more.  At the time, only nine teams existed (Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago White Stockings, Boston Red Stockings, Washington Olympics, New York Mutuals, Troy Haymakers, Ft. Wayne Kekiongas, Cleveland Forest Citys, and the Rockford Forest Citys).  A 10th team, Brooklyn, was added to the game.  This team was expected to join the league in 1871, but decided to remain as an amateur team.  However, for the sake of this game, the Brooklyn Atlantics were added.


Also, during this time players did not use gloves.  This becomes evident when looking at the fielding statistics at the time and the Washington Olympics were to top fielding team at .850 (and the Fort Wayne Kekiongas the lowest with .803).  This is accurately reflected in this game as the players field as if they have no gloves.  Not sure why this happens, but I have frequently seen a player take a line-drive off the hand, drop it, and end up running off field in tears while his teammates recover the ball and continue the play.  Luckily, the player is back on the field before the next pitch is thrown.  Funny thing to watch.


Don’t expect any dramatic power numbers in this ROM as there was a three-way tie between Levi Meyerle, Lip Pike, and Fred Treacey as league leader with four.  However, the season was approximately 30 games long, so I took this into consideration when determining the player ratings.  I based the ratings for each player on their career numbers pro-rated over a 162-game season.


One last thing to note… Back in 1871, there were no pitching staffs.  A team had a pitcher, and that was it.  This is reflected in this game.  Each team has a single pitcher with extremely high stamina so he is expected to last the entire game.  If for some reason your pitcher is tiring, you can swap him out with a fresh version of himself.

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