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About This File

TFO stands for "Tecmo Fantasy Owners". The idea and rom hack are ran by the TFO Commish Roger. The entire project is named "Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football League" or "TFO Football League".


Each team in the TFO Football League has been created by a different person; an Owner of a TFO Team. These owners set the stats, names, colors, logos, and superstar players for their team via an RPG like application they were sent. In essence they have "purchased" their dream teams.


After each owner submitted their team it was hacked into the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. So all 28 teams are accessible from the hacked rom.


To make things more interesting instead of releasing the rom right away we documented the first full season of TFO Football on our website http://tfofootball.weebly.com. We have created an 17 week schedule with a full Tecmo Super Bowl playoff system in tact. These were all covered in games recorded for YouTube, some with commentary!


The 2015 season (also known as Season 3) started Feb 2015 and ended in June 2015. This was our Third Season.


So the question now is... Are You Ready For Some 8-bit Football???????

What's New in Version Final 1.0


  • -All 28 teams changed to original teams, with original stats and names (example: Cleveland Steamers, 8-Bit Brigade, All-American Alkies, Azerothian Assassins, etc)
  • -Season Mode is 17 weeks long, with 4 weeks of Playoffs.
  • -Pro-Bowl Updated for TFO players
  • -Added random assortment of hacks to improve gameplay. These include:
  • --Fixed KR Glitch (now returns at player's speed)
  • --Fixed PR Glitch (now returns at player's speed)
  • --Fixed Pass Accuracy Glitch (Stat now works)
  • --COM QB Intelligence (COM will attempt to throw to an 'open' receiver when passing)
  • --Pass Defense Increased (Coverage increased on all pass plays)
  • --End of 2nd/4th Field Goal (set to "> 25 seconds")
  • --Punt Team Speed Reduction (Punt Team gets 1/2 speed boost from original Tecmo)

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