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Drummer4GOD Presents: Tecmo 2K15 NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL JMG

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About This File

A highly modified version of tecmo Super Bowl for the Nintendo Entertainment System. All 32 teams,ability to change playbooks in game! Numerous gameplay and graphic changes. Numerous hacks also included in rom.

What's New in Version NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL JMG


  • Cinema screen changed to Hoyer, Murray, and J.J. Watt
  • Menu screen is blue, letters white, and season schedule screen is grey.
  • official 2014 nfl schedule!Rookies are on the team if they are a projected starter. If Player is a rookie you will see word ROOKIE across Shadow Face!
  • 2015 year implemented into menu screens.
  • Ball has laces!
  • Multiple changes to in game text (ACL!!!-injury screen) (interception!) (p.a.t.) (i am back!....injury return screen) (Let's Go!..start screen) (POST QTR STATS instead of tecmo sports news) between quarters (BEASTMODE) instead of excellent for player condition
  • NFLPA Logo
  • Background menu letters changed from red to white
  • KISS now plays superbowl halftime show!
  • ROLLING TEXT at end of cinema screens now reads DRUMMER'S NFL 2K15 (THX J!)
  • New ESPN logo i drew it myself!
  • New STATS INC logo (thx J!)
  • Screen between quarters where txt was "Tecmo Sports news" now reads NFL GAME STATS (THX J!)
  • Goodyear logo on blimp at halftime!!!!
  • KR/PR position moved back to fix safety's in endzone on returns.
  • Team Sim ratings have been tweaked, player sim ratings tweaked,team playbooks/formations tweaked, team uni colors tweaked. Quite alot of changes from last rom,plz post any problems, corrections needed.
  • Lots of graphic tweaks/changes
  • Dedicated punt,and kickoff returner (players use their max speed for the return)
  • Adjustable Quarter Length
  • More accurate fg's
  • Ability to change playbook in game anytime
  • Ability to change quarter length
  • Punt coverage boost cut ( to allow better returns)
  • Dedicated fumble and interception returner (players use their max speed for the return)
  • Stats screen after each quarter!
  • Juiced!!!!!!
  • 4-3/3-4 defense hack
  • PC/PA hack
  • HP hack (tweaked)
  • Ultra Logic hack(cpu plays better defense!)
  • Quickness for interceptions (self explainatory)
  • Kick-off depth hack for more deeper kickoff's
  • Also tweaked ints by man controlled players! You should get more now with a good defender!(thx to jstout for fixing!)

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