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Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 Presented By TecmoBowl.org 1.0a

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Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest sports video game of all time. Now, 22 years after TSB made 8-Bit legends of Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor, TecmoBowl.org proudly announces the release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2014. This 7th yearly iteration updates Tecmo's NES classic with up-to-date rosters, graphics, schedules and play books for all 32 NFL squads.

Playable on multiple platforms and operating systems via NES emulation software, Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 brings Nintendo's bone-crunching classic to today's computers and handheld devices.

Can J.J. Watt create the chaos Derrick Thomas did in '91? Can Adrian Peterson match the legendary Bo Jackson? Who is the more deadly play-caller: Colin Kaepernick or QB Eagles? Loaded into an NES Emulator, Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 will make legends for the next 22 years.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2014

Table of Contents
A. How This Works
B. How To Play - PC/Mac
C. How to Play Online - Windows
D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2013 Notes
E. Credits

A. How This Works
If you're new to emulation:
ROM = Game or Cartridge (.nes file)
Emulator = NES System

B. How To Play - PC/Mac

  • Download Nestopia for your platform and also the .nes ROM.
  • Open Nestopia.
  • From Nestopia, File > Open and find your .nes ROM.

C. How to Play Online - Windows
Setup for online play using our guide - http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53066-guide-get-started-playing-tsb-online-for-dummies/. We then recommend starting out at the TPC - http://www.tecmoplayers.com.

Most TPC players use the original Tecmo Super Bowl ROM, but you might be able to find some people playing TSB 2013. Remember that the versions of the game must be exactly the same or you will not be able to connect.

If you’re looking for an online league, we recommend TecmoBowl.org's Online Tecmo Leagues.

D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2014 notes

  • 32-Team ROM
  • Rosters current as of 9/2/13
  • Adjustable quarter length
  • Playbook editing in-game
  • Player 2 attributes now display correctly
  • Halftime stats
  • Passing Accuracy now works. Passing Accuracy determines if a pass will be completed. Pass Control determines if the ball will be on target
  • Quickness now works. This will be the maximum speed of a defender if they pick up a fumble or make an interception
  • In order to get the proper Pro Bowl players, you will need to reset the season from the Schedule menu

E. Credits

  • Graphics - Keithisgood
  • Rosters/Attributes/Sim - Buck
  • Additional Rosters - Bodom & Knobbe
  • Cover Art - Tecmo Psycho
  • Promo - davefmurray
  • QA/Merge - Knobbe
  • Project Coordinator - Maynard_G_Krebs

Thanks to:

  • Jstout, Bruddog, Cxrom, Bad-Al & Buck for the hacking knowledge and tools.
  • Members of TecmoBowl.org for helping to beta test and for making this all worthwhile.



What's New in Version 1.0a   See changelog


  • Major changes:
  • Better SIM DATA for everybody!
  • Keith's MINI-helmet Fixes (see SET patches imbedded) - Dolphins (white face), Jags (gradient), Vikings (black face)
  • Other Changes: (where it says Add or Minus without a Parantheses, this means only 1 Notch)
  • Burkhead spelling
  • Manning #18
  • Replace TE2 Tamme, Julius Thomas now TE1
  • Minus PA for Tannehill
  • Add PA for Luck
  • Minus PC for Schaub
  • Desean Jackson BC = 50
  • Swap REC Dez Bryant / Miles Austin
  • Minus PC for Cutler
  • Add PC & PA for Stafford
  • Add PC for Freeman
  • Add MS (31) Minus HP (81) Mark Ingram
  • Add MS (44) TE Reverend Jimmy Graham
  • Add PC for Cam Newton
  • Carson Palmer 56/38/44 (Global Bump)

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