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Tecmo Bowl - NES

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  1. Tecmo Bowl

    Tecmo Bowl for NES



  2. Tecmo Bowl Greatest Players of All Time

    This is a collection of the greatest players in each teams history. See how the players of today stack up against the players of yesteryear!
    Included is the "Z Edition" and the normal edition. In the "Z Edition", I combined a few teams for balance:
    Tennessee Titans are separate from the Houston Oilers.
    Houston Oilers are combined with the Texans.
    Baltimore Ravens are combined with the Baltimore Colts; Indianapolis Colts are separate. 



  3. Tecmo Bowl Champ Teams

    This ROM is the greatest teams in each franchises history. Let me know if there's anything you believe to be an error, this ROM was done by one person and is likely to have mistakes. White stars by players name denotes that they were Pro Bowl that year and red star denotes All-Pro selection. Enjoy!



  4. Tecmo Bowl 2020

    This is a ROM edit of the original 12-team ROM, featuring all the playoff teams from the 2019-20 NFL season:  Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, and Minnesota Vikings.
    I released this ROM originally on Patreon.com/BaronGaming back in January and most recently on BaronGaming.weebly.com.  Enjoy!



  5. Jeremiah



  6. Tecmo Bowl NCAA 2019

    This is, in my (unpopular) opinion, the best version of the Tecmo series in college form.  There are thirty-two teams available, consisting of the Top 25 prior to the bowl season and seven additional "at large" teams.  Enjoy!
    If you like this, you can find my entire collection on my website:  BaronGaming.weebly.com.



  7. Usfl 2018

    U.S.F.L 2018.  The usfl has been reborn.  Along with the old w.l.a.f  . Team rosters are loaded with recent NFL retirees and back up NFL players .  Along with college players that did not make the NFL. Can you make a run with the relocated Wyoming wranglers and josh allen , or win a rushing tittle with Barry Sanders jr with the Oklahoma outlaws . Or ride the Alaska Golds defense in the artic !! Thanks to the @gojiphen malor for all the help°° updates coming soon ! New teams more un drafted rookies and New schedules



  8. Tecmo Bowl 1959

    The last year that it is possible to put the entire NFL in an Original TB rom.
    12 Teams
    Eastern Conference
    New York Giants
    Cleveland Browns
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Washington Redskins
    Chicago Cardinals
    Western Conference
    Baltimore Colts
    Chicago Bears
    Green Bay Packers
    San Francisco 49ers
    Detroit Lions
    Los Angeles Rams
    Lombardi's first year as Green Bay Head Coach
    The rematch of the Greatest Game Ever played.
    Accurate Uniforms and Stats



  9. NCAA Tecmo Bowl 2017

    This is NCAA Tecmo Bowl 2017!
    Using the original Tecmo Bowl (not Tecmo Super Bowl), this ROM consists of 32 NCAA football schools.  I used a few different criteria when determining which of the 120+ teams to use in this game, from historical reputation (i.e. Notre Dame, Alabama), TB.org community interest (i.e. Syracuse, Purdue), recent success (i.e. Boise St., Oregon), and the military academies. 
    Using the original Tecmo Bowl's ratings as a template, the players were rated based on 2015 season statistics, 2016 partial season statistics, various Heisman watch websites, and other sources.
    Rosters, ratings, home/away uniforms, cutscenes, and other small details were updated to ensure this is as authentic of an NCAA experience as this 8-bit simulation can provide.
    Aside from teams selection (as I'm sure not everybody will agree with my selections), if there are any glaring errors, please bring them to my attention.



  10. Tecmo Bowl 2017

    Amidst the sea of Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 releases, here's a ROM release for the original of the series, Tecmo Bowl 2017. 
    This game contains all 32 NFL teams (expanded from 12).  There is also a feature that allows you to choose your CPU opponent, as opposed to originally letting the CPU choose, in Exhibition mode.
    Rosters are based 99% off of depth charts provided by NFL.com and CBSSports.com, with a few exceptions taking into consideration suspensions (Tom Brady, Le'veon Bell) and other factors.  Statistics and ratings are based on those provided by Pro-Football-Reference.com.
    A special thanks goes out to TheFes75 and TecmoTurd for their assistance.
    In keeping with tradition, the original Tecmo Bowl (and Tecmo Super Bowl) were notorious for their "beasts," like Bo Jackson, Christian Okoye, QB Eagles, Mike Singletary, Jerry Rice, and more.  Well, Tecmo Bowl 2017 is no exception.  Some of the "beasts" (based on career bodies of work and current work) included in this ROM are:
    RB - Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson
    WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham
    DB - Darrelle Revis
    DE/LB - James Harrison, JJ Watt, Ndamukong Suh
    KR - Devin Hester
    Growing up, I preferred this version of Tecmo Bowl to Tecmo Super Bowl, despite the lack of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the game.  To this day, I prefer Tecmo Bowl to Tecmo Super Bowl for the sheer sit-down-and-play factor.
    If there's anything glaring that I missed, please bring it to my attention.  Enjoy! 



  11. TB32 49ers Playoff Teams

    Welcome to TB32 49ers Playoff teams!
    This was just a pet project of mine.  I'm a big 49'ers fan and since my Niners have not been to the playoffs in 3 years and may not get there again this year, I have put together this ROM with all of the 49'ers playoff teams since 1970.  
    This ROM provides
    All 24 49'ers playoff teams since 1970.  All of the opponents the 49'ers lost to in the championship game or Superbowl since 1983. (83 Washington, 90 NY, 92 Dallas, 93 Dallas, 97 Green Bay, 11 NY, 12 Baltimore and 13 Seattle). The 70's teams that took Dallas to the brink only to lose in the Championship game and watch Dallas go on to win a Superbowl The Team of the 80's! Young's 49'ers (Could he best Montana or was Joe Cool that damn good?) Replays of heartbreaking Championship games! Replay that Super Bowl against Baltimore!  
    Any how this was just a fun project that I put together. Even if you are not a 49'ers fan check it out maybe it will open you up to some history you didn't know about.
    If you see anything that needs fixing let me know!



  12. Tecmo College Bowl 2015-2016

    This is a little edit to get you ready for the college playoffs this year, just in time for Christmas.   I have been playing as UNC and having a great time with this ROM.   I hope everyone enjoys!



  13. Tecmo Bowl 1988 w/ 32 Teams

    Here is a 32 Team Original Tecmo Bowl for the 1988 season,  (Stats are mainly from the 1987 season)
    Included in the ROM:
    The updated graphics from the 32 team base ROM. The 28 Teams that were in the NFL in 1988 4 Extra teams: All Pro (ALP), AFC Pro Bowl (AFC), All Decade (ALD)& NFC Pro Bowl (NFC). All teams have home and away uniforms All Endzones read "TB" Old faces in new places (All Pro Fred Young in Indianapolis, Pro Bowler Ron Solt in Philly) Rookies for the 1988 season: Ickey Woods, Michael Irvin, Keith Jackson, Tim Brown etc.. Players excluded from the original: Neal Anderson, John Taylor, Charles Haley, Ferrell Edmunds, Chris Chandler, Wade Wilson etc... Upgraded player ratings for All Pro and Pro Bowl players: Harry Carson, Jacob Green, Paul Risien, Kenny Easley, Scott Studwell, etc... As always in my ROM's shoot for the STARS:
    All Pro players are depicted by a Red Star in front of their names (These players have the best attributes in the game) Pro Bowl Players are depicted by a White Star in front of their names (These players are a step below the All Pro players, but are very good as well). This is especially helpful when deciding who to use on defense.  
    As always if you find any issues contact me and I will attempt to fix them.



  14. Tecmo Bowl 32 Team Base

    This is an update to the 32-team Tecmo Bowl rom, updating the title, opening crawl, and team select screen graphics. I've also inserted various other graphics in the rom file in case an enterprising hacker would like to further change the rom.

    This rom is meant to be a base for future OG Tecmo hacks.



  15. Tecmo Bowl 2015.NES w/ Alt. Uniforms version

    Derekfes01 presents: Tecmo Bowl 2015.NES!
    -Updated Rosters from this NFL Season
    -More Modern Uniforms
    -Fun Gameplay
    Hi Tecmo Bowl fans! Hope you enjoy! Sorry for the extensive updates.



  16. Tecmo Bowl Alternate 1988 Teams

    These 2 roms consist of teams that did not make the cut for the original Tecmo Bowl. Alt Teams V1 consists of New England, Houston, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Los Angles Rams, Green Bay, Philadelphia, Buffalo, New York Jets, Detroit, and Tampa Bay. Alt Teams V2 has San Diego, Atlanta, New Orleans, Phoenix, and I also added Green Bay and Pittsburgh again to mix it up from the original a bit more.



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