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Miscellaneous Tecmo Super Bowl Editing Tools

13 files

  1. TSB Faces Organized

    This is an Excel sheet of the TSB faces with all similar faces grouped together. It should be very useful for anyone who uses Tool or another editor to make roms.



  2. Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 1.3

    The first Tecmo Super Bowl editor. While it's been surpassed by TSB Tool Supreme it's still useful for editing the original 28 team rom



  3. Tecmo Super App - Android

    View the NFL(TM) Players from Tecmo Super Bowl(TM) video game for the NES(TM) from the 1991 NFL(TM) football season. This application allows you to see valuable attributes for each team’s players, as well as a formula-based rating for each player on a 100 point scale according to their position. Offense, defense, and overall team ratings are calculated by the averages of the player attributes.
    This application is a useful reference for those who are new to Tecmo Super Bowl(TM), or who haven’t played in some time but would like a guide to show the teams’ best players to help you adjust your depth chart. This is a must for anyone who is interested in going to any tournaments



  4. shibbydraft2018rosters (beta)

    This file....   you have no idea lol.  before i knew what excel was or how to use it i jumped on and worked from sun up to sun down on this file starting around 2005 and ended up with atrophy in my legs so bad that i tore my acl when i finally became active again.  yes, weird and crazy...    i dropped tsb from my life because of how much of my life it took up back then.   however ive recently started working on the sheet again and had some fun with it.   again, never had any schooling on this so i just google everything.
          Right now it only rates 2 teams but i could easily add more.  but i wanted team 2 to specifically react off of team 1 when choosing a playbook so its hard to know what team to create the playbook against if theres more than one option.  it also throws in your highest hitting power player at the return spots.   
    the ratings are all derived from the madden attributes through formulas.   im hoping to be able to just thrown in the next madden attributes when they come out and it will automatically just spit out the tecmo version of those ratings each year.  no real personal biases in play. 

    anyway....   i never reset the draft, i just close it and reopen the file.

    im still working on it and its not where i want it to be. just felt like i'd throw it out there to see if anyone could use it.   i like how it drafts, when it takes players because it creates a very competitive draft.  You cant just sit and stack your team with all the best players, you have to actually sit and think and sacrifice.  like a real draft should do. 

    Thanks to Brinky! he originally added the Visual basic to the sheet around 2009 i believe?   ive tinkered with it for almost a year now trying to even understand vb a little and holy hell it aint happening!   but ive managed to change the draft logic to my liking and also fixed a wr3 error that kept popping up.  and i didnt like the whole export concept.  i prefer a quick copy paste.  much simpler.     im in such a hurry right now, hope i didnt miss anything.  



  5. College Football USA 96 Rom editor

    This is a ROM editor for College Football '96 (Sega Genesis). With this editor you can edit various attributes of every player for every team in the game. I have not had time to thoroughly test it but if anyone is interested in this editor, I would encourage you to test it and let me know of any bugs or if anything else could be improved upon.
    The following player attributes are editable :
    Player number, Weight, Speed, Quickness, Intelligence, Range, Hands, Accuracy
    Block and Tackle
    The README explains in more detail about the editing. The user would use the straight hex codes to edit. I provided a conversion chart to explain the hex to numerical edits. It looks like game just used a lookup table for player attributes.



  6. Ken Griffey's Winning Calculator

    I've decided to make my Ken Griffey's Winning Run calculator available to the public. 
    Please note, this is NOT a hex-editor.  It is a tool.  It is a tool intended to be used in conjunction with an accompanying hex-editor (like HxD).  The purpose of this tool is that it allows you to input a player's data, process the information, and then cut/paste the resulting data directly into your hex-editor. 
    Using this tool cuts down the work from having to manually input the data into the hex-editor, and eliminates the chance for error that can result in catastrophic results.
    Unfortunately, this tool is not a simple pick-up-and-use application.  For this, I created a tutorial on my website that details step-by-step how to use it.  It's not scary, just a few nuances about editing of Winning Run Baseball that one should be aware of.  As daunting as this may seem, after the first 2 or 3 players that you edit, you won't need the tutorial anymore.
    The link to my website and the tutorial:



  7. Tecmo Fonts

    Tecmo Fonts include

    GF Tecmo Narrow Font
    GF Tecmo Set 1 Font
    GF Tecmo Set 2 Font
    Tecmo Rounded All Caps Font



  8. RBI Baseball Manager

    Update the players and teams for RBI Baseball for NES. This is another release from Emuware.



  9. Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 2000

    This edits all original ROM versions of Tecmo Super Bowl, but NOT expanded ROMs like 32 Team NES, etc.



  10. Tecmo Bowl Manager

    .: Tecmo Bowl Manager :.
    An editor for the NES game of Tecmo Bowl. With it, you can manage:
    Player Names
    Player Attributes
    Player Stats
    Team Names
    Team Colors



  11. Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 3

    Here is Flash EmuWare’s third manager, and its better than ever. To be used for Tecmo Super Bowl 3 for SNES. Check it out, we are sure that you will find it useful!



    Can Edit All Teams, Including Free Agents and Great Players
    Team Name
    Default Playbooks
    Starting Returners
    Can Edit Players
    Skin Color
    Manager Options
    Trade Players
    Adjust the Free Agency Points
    Scramble Players
    Edit the Schedule
    New features

    Can Individual Leaders
    Sort by any Attribute
    Sort by Multiple Attributes
    Can Export to Other Games
    Tecmo Bowl (NES) - Team Names, Team Rosters, Player Names
    Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) - Team Names, Team Rosters, Player Names, Player Attributes



  12. TSBTool Supreme - Season Generator by BAD_AL

    Beta release for TSBToolSupreme for editing cxrom's 32 team ROM, regular nes TSB ROMs and TSB1 for the SNES.

    Requires the .NET framework in order to run.

    'GetBytes' feature explained:
    Due to the increased popularity of the 'SET' command, I have added a 'GetBytes' feature. 
    The 'GetBytes' feature will extract bytes from a ROM into 'SET' commands.
    The input of the 'GetBytes' feature will look like the following:

    Example #1, this will extract the bytes from the ROM from locations 0x23BC6-0x23c51


    Example #2, this will extract the bytes from the ROM from locations 0x23BC6-0x23c51, and
                the comment '# mini helmet stuff' will be in the results.
    # mini helmet stuff

    Example #3, this will extract the bytes from the ROM from locations 0x23BC6-0x23c51, 
                with a width of 5 bytes and the comment '# mini helmet stuff' will be in the results.
    # mini helmet stuff

    You can have as many lines as you want with as many comments as you like.

    The result of example #3 is the like the following (rest of the results are cut off):
    # mini helmet stuff




  13. TSB Playmaker by BAD_AL

    Here is the first beta release of TSBPlaymaker.
    It requires the .NET framework in order to run. 

    The one posted here works with cxrom's 32 team ROM.http://www.tecmobowl...t&sd=a&start=20

    I felt I would release it at this stage because I feel that it will be useful for casual playbook hacking.

    The hardcore play hackers will have to wait a while for the final version (because they aren't going to be satisfied with this release).

    Major features missing:
    1. Play pattern modification (on both offense & defense).

    Supported Features:
    1. Change pattern for an offensive player (to something already in the ROM).
    2. Change pattern for a defensive player (to something already in the ROM).
    3. Change offensive play numbers associated with a 'play'.
    4. Change defensive reaction numbers associated with a 'play'.
    5. Copy Playbook from another ROM.
    6. Copy playbook to another ROM.
    7. Play graphic modification.

    I should also add that not very much testing has been done (so you will likely come across bugs). I honestly don't time to sufficiently test a program like this.

    If you do come across bugs, please post them in this thread.
    If you have usability suggestions, please post your ideas.

    When you use this program to modify a play, you need to playtest your play to ensure that it works correctly.

    Also there are some offensive patterns that are not named correctly, or could be named better.
    I give you the ability to re-name the patterns by editing the 'DataFiles\OffensivePatternNames.csv'. Feel free to upload your file if you feel that is better than the one it comes with.

    Please read Instructions.txt (Help->Guide/How-to) before using.

    I would like to thank my partner on this project (jstout) for all his help answering my questions and for getting this project going.



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