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Partial Hacks

You'll find partial, smaller hacks as well as incomplete hacks here.

18 files

  1. Tecmo Super Bowl 2024

    Updated QB trades



  2. Dave's Ultimate Tecmo Super Bowl

    This is my first homemade Tecmo Super Bowl Rom. It a collection of all time rosters for all 32 NFL teams. The superstars are current as of last season and players go back to the early days of the league. The Texans have been combined with the Oilers. I tried to make sure to include all the best players for every franchise.  



  3. TECMO GREY CUP 2022

    -EDM/MTL/BC helmets/logos updated -new player ratings (N. Rourke!) -Edmonton is now Elks -Schedule is 2022 -all wording "2022" -roster/jersey #'s




  4. TFO Football 2016 Final

    TFO stands for "Tecmo Fantasy Owners". The idea and rom hack are ran by the TFO Commish Roger. The entire project is named "Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football League" or "TFO Football League".

    Each team in the TFO Football League has been created by a different person; an Owner of a TFO Team. These owners set the stats, names, colors, logos, and superstar players for their team via an RPG like application they were sent. In essence they have "purchased" their dream teams.

    After each owner submitted their team it was hacked into the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. So all 28 teams are accessible from the hacked rom.

    To make things more interesting instead of releasing the rom right away we documented the first full season of TFO Football on our website http://tfofootball.weebly.com. We have created an 17 week schedule with a full Tecmo Super Bowl playoff system in tact. These were all covered in games recorded for YouTube, some with commentary!

    The 2016 season (also known as Season 4) started Feb 2016 and ended in July 2016. This was our Fourth Season.

    So the question now is... Are You Ready For Some 8-bit Football???????



  5. TECMO GREY CUP 2000

    Here is my CFL 2000 Rom 



  6. CFL 2004

    A CFL Rom I found that I intend to update



  7. random rosters, from original 2D (3-4 4-3)

    This is an NES rom I made by ordering a "draft" and selecting the most rational team-building strategies I could think of for all 28 teams.  I got bored playing seasons with regular rosters and decided to do something to make them more even.  The draft order was drawn up to be as even as possible.  The rom also has some hacks (upped INT thresholds, HP blow up hacks and Bruddog's push/pull hack + others).  It's just to have some fun with.



  8. Tecmo Super Bowl Nes MVPS Final Edition

    All updated players and an all new version with some of the best all time greats to ever play the game. If you like tecmo super bowl for the nes you'll love this updated version with some of the best players to ever play the game from the 90's up till now.  Hope you guys like this version as much as you love the original. No matter what this game still lives on today as one of the best nfl games ever made for any unit. Don't just play the game live it.



  9. Celebrities Tecmo Super Bowl **Incomplete **

    This is a Tecmo Super Bowl Rom, where I added celebrities. All of them (nearly) are from their Home Town, and I will be adding more in the future. There isn't much, maybe 20. My Goal is to eventually have a celebrity at every position. Here's some Notable Celebs I added: 
    - Prince
    -Donald Trump
    -Kanye West
    -John F. Kennedy
    Some Skin Colors are not right, I will change that in the future! 



  10. Tecmo Super Bowl Some Greats 3

    Tecmo Super Bowl Some Greats 3



  11. position battles (fire edition)

    in this rom you can play as a team full of quarter backs defensive lineman running backs wide receivers punters or kickers its a dumb idea but it fun 



  12. TSB marvel characters

    Each player is now a marvel character.  Giants are the best.  Only the stats of the Giant's players were changed.



  13. TSB Soccer Names

    Only Teams changed, names are from clubs of soccer enjoy in



  14. TSB NCAA 2016

    My TSB NCAA 2016 is for this upcoming year.  EA always being a year ahead is dumb.  This rom is complete and I don't see me making any updated versions in the near future.  My teams were ranked according to Phil Steele's Annual Magazine Pre-Season Poll.  I used bruddog's thread ranking the teams for MAN games and Phil Steele's Unit Rankings to compare and determine which NCAA team should get which Original TSB offense and defense.  I did all the names for every player and the depth charts (from early July) according to Ourlads site and for the gaps I used Phil Steele's Magazine again. 
    1.  Florida State (BUF/MIN)
    2.  Alabama (RAM/CHI)
    3.  Oklahoma (PHI/RAI)
    4.  LSU (RAI/PIT)
    5.  Clemson (SF/RAM)
    6.  Ohio State (DEN/TB)
    7.  Tennessee (DET/WAS)
    8.  Washington (GB/NYG)
    9.  Notre Dame (DEN/DAL)
    10.  Stanford (SD/SF)
    11.  Texas Christian (DAL/MIA)
    12.  Michigan (CHI/KC)
    13.  Michigan State (PIT/NYJ)
    14.  Iowa (IND/DEN)
    15.  UCLA (MIA/CIN)
    16.  Boise State (WAS/SEA)
    17.  Ole Miss (TB/HOU)
    18.  Baylor (CIN/IND)
    19.  Miami (KC/DAL)
    20.  Houston (SEA/NE)
    21.  Louisville (NYJ/ATL)
    22.  Nebraska (TB/NO)
    23.  Georgia (NYG/DET)
    24.  Texas (CLE/RAM)
    25.  Southern Cal (HOU/PHI)
    26.  UNC (DAL/CLE)
    27.  Auburn (MIN/PHX)
    28.  Texas A&M (ATL/KC)
    29.  Penn State (NO/GB)
    30.  Florida (NE/SD)
    31.  Wisconsin (PHX/BUF)
    32.  Northwestern (WORST)
    Week 1 Last year's Bowl Games
    Week 2 Last year's National Championship (ALA-CLM)
    Week 3  Biggest Non-Conference games of 2016 (Basically, Week 1 of this season.)
    Week 4-6  Other Non-Conference games
    Week 7-12  Same Conference, Other Divisions
    Week 13-15  Divisional Games
    Week 16  Rival Week
    Week 17 Conference Championships - based on Phil Steele's Predictions (I added a Big12 Title Game because they should have one.)
    Other Features:
    NCAA Graphics
    Phil Steele's Pre-Season Rankings are on each teams mini helmet (Thanks to Proads26)
    Worst Possible TSB Roster - Northwestern Wildcats (Thanks to Bodom)
    Pro Bowl = Army vs. Navy - Theme and Colors (Even Teams - TB Offense & KC Defense)
    I don't have the time or really care about skin color or faces, other than some of the starting QB/RB/WR/TE and a few star DEF players, so other players faces and skin color may be off.  The OL starting five is right for each team but are out of position as I forgot Ourlads order was different than TSB's.  Oh well.
    Sorry to fans of Army, Navy, Oregon, Oklahoma State, South Florida, Pittsburgh, Air Force, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Utah, Arizona State, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Western Michigan and BYU as they didn't make the cut.  Oregon seems to be the only team that you could argue should be in the game but Phil Steele projects that UCLA, USC, Washington and Stanford will all have better years this season and the PAC12 only gets 4 teams in my game.  Sorry ducks - maybe pick 1 uniform and stick with it.
    Thank you for all you've done for me and the TSB community:  Knobbe, bodom, davefmurray, Maynard_G_Krebs, Jstout, Cxrom, BAD_AL, buck, bruddog, xplozv, Elway, TecmoTurd, drummer4god, Proads26, Brinky274, drunken_honkey, Hurricane55, Tecmo Psycho, philleyOphish, mort237, QBEagles, slim_jimmy7, Bad Moon Rison, BO FB Offtackle Left, MRTECMOSUPERBOWL, averagetsbplayer, TDO, meat, rewhawl, and everyone that lives in Wisconsin.
    2 Versions:
    TSB NCAA 2016 Vanilla - Original TSB style
    TSB NCAA 2016 Juiced - 16-0 Every Week
    Read Me



  15. CFL

    Ottowa has the old renegades helmet.
    Some notes about the extended field: I can't remember if I worked out all the glitches. There was an issue with safeties and I've also seen the cpu punt from my one yard line. Not all the locations in hacking documentation are accurate.
    It's impossible to add more yard markers or move the existing ones because there's too many mirrored tiles.
    The playoffs work perfectly.
    Overtime was not touched it's still sudden death.



  16. TSB original with tap count displayed

    This is the current TPC TSB rom with the tap counts displayed. The TPC rom only has the player 2 conditions fix as the no fumbles in endzone hack.



  17. 1970TecmoCFB

    Regular Season
    10 Games.
    Actual dates from 1970 of actual games played and then I filled each teams schedule to get to 10 games.
    USC and LSU have 8 actual games.
    Post Season
    2 Bowl Games
    Rose Bowl (Big 10 Champs vs Pac 8 Champs)
    Sugar Bowl (Big 8 or Independent Champ vs SWC or SEC Champ)
    Winners Play in Tecmo Bowl
    Thanks to Carther as I copied his 1966 NFL rom to get the postseason.
    Accurate 1970 Conferences.
    Complete accurate rosters for all teams.
    Sim data is updated to reflect what happened in 1970.
    I can't do helmets so I just blanked them all out.
    Intro Screen shows Jim Plunkett Heisman Trophy, Steve Worster All-American, Jim Stillwagon Outland Trophy
    All screens and field updated to show 1970, CFB, NCAA, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or Conference.
    Updated Uniforms for each team. One team in white jerseys every game.
    All teams are based on TSB teams from Original rom so it plays like the Original rom.
    Be aware
    Alabama and Georgia do not appear in SEC standings or on any leader board. You can see their stats and record on Team Data page only. They also can not appear in the Postseason.
    The Battery Pack does not work on this rom. If you want to save a season you must create a save state.
    Thanks to Carther whose amazing 1966-69 NFL and Baron VL with his historic RBI roms inspired me to do this.
    I hope to create more.



  18. Tecmo College Champions Edition

    This is the rom from the forum. Feel free to use for your own project as I have built this upon the great works of others and offer it up to everyone. I put alot of work into the rosters and ratings but I can't say they are 100% perfect (Though I tried hard). Also tried to give players their unique abilities.

    Maybe minor skin color errors , and / or jersey number errors but should be very minimal. In 4-3 defense I made the OLB the DE and placed the better of the two on the top for FG block ..It is possible we may get the helmets fixed and possibly adding two more teams in the future. ('61 Minnesota, and '84 BYU).

    Thanks again,


    P.S. Later I will work on adding multiple roster versions for teams which have multiple championships .. Miami's teams, FSU's, Ohio State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Penn St,. Oklahoma etc



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