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Tecmo Super Bowl - NES

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3 files

  1. Tecmo Super Bowl

    Original Tecmo Super Bowl for NES

    The file is named tpc_orignal.nes for continuity with the TPC and online play.



  2. NCAA 2019

    NCAA 2019
    Ratings based off of



  3. TecmoBowl.org Base ROM (32-Team Original TSB Gameplay)

    "TecmoBowl.org Base ROM" This is cx_rom's 32-team v1.05 with only the following changes:
    1. NFC West "Offense Preference" Bug (when playing live, heavy pass does heavy rush)
    x273B4 change to x20 xB6 x9F
    SET(0x273b4, 0x20b69f)   2. NFC West "SIM" Bugs x27479 to x2747B should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 1) x27481 to x27483 should be x20 xB6 x9F (this goes to cx_rom's written code for Team 2) SET(0x27479, 0x20b69f)  
    SET(0x27481, 0x20b69f) x27FCE should be xE0 (this makes it compare team value correctly)   SET(0x27fce, 0xe0)   3. Player-2 Condition Fix
    SET(0x30e55, 0x20809f) SET(0x31f90, 0xa66ee46df00218603860)  
    *regarding offense SIM and SIM calculations, for the TE to be calculated properly with SIM values (changed the byte at x175CB from 04 to 05, see http://tecmobowl.org...ata/#entry90243)   4. Large Helmet Graphics   Keithisgood's graphics updates found here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53374-new-helmet-logos/   5. Mini Helmet Graphics   Keithisgood's graphics updates found here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53631-new-mini-helmets-logos/ (special thanks to Adam5000, & Jstout)   6. NFL Player Association Graphic   Keithisgood's graphic updates found in the above link.   7. AFC / NFC Pro Bowl Logo Graphics   Keithisgood ditto above.   8. Intro Scrolling Text "NFL Super Pro Football" = "NFL Tecmo Super Bowl"
    Buck did this.
    9. "1991 Roster" = "Team Roster" Text
    Buck did this.
    10. Large Helmet Graphics
    Keith did this.
    11. 3 NFL Logos
    Keith did this.
    12. Options Screen Fix
    Keith did this.



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