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  1. NBA Live 19 Hardwood Classics (USA) (Rev A).md

    Similar to the NBA Live 18 Hardwood Classics hack of NBA Live 96, but with the current 2018-2019 rosters. In fact, this version (Rev A) includes the latest rosters up to 11-24-2018, such as the Jimmy Butler trade (to PHI). Enjoy!



  2. John Madden Football '19

    Updated John Madden Football '93



  3. John Madden Football '18

    Updated John Madden Football '93



  4. NBA Live 2018 Hardwood Classics

    17-18 Roster Update Pre-release
    All player images and attributes have been updated.
    I used "Dr B" mod NBA Live Hard Classic Edition because he added some pallet changes that look really good.
    I used DEJFATMAN NBA Live 96 editor to edit the stats.
    The stats were pulled from NBA 2K17
    I plan to do an update with new stats for the 2018 season. Some of the player images and shooting hands need tinkered with.
    Im still figuring out a few of the unknown stats but i plan to work on that part for maybe a future or next years release. 
    For now some of the season stats and the way some computer players are controlled are off but it works great for 2 player action.
    Sega Genesis
    when you start the game there are a few things you need to do because there are limitations with the editor i used. 
    1. go to roster setup
    2. draft both teams
    3. press start to forfeit draft, you will get an error message 
    4. restart rom Toronto and Memphis will are drafted correctly this way.
    5. you need to set up New Orleans I have set it up so that the 1st team thru the Lakers (minus Cavs) have a 
    player at the end of their roster that needs traded to the FA list. Once you do that start the game and 
    select New Orleans from the exhibition menu and everyone will be in the FA list in order for you.



  5. RUHL 95

    An old hack i did over at the Retro gaming community Retro Uprising. Made a few teams, left one or two alone. 



  6. FIFA World Cup 2014

    This isn't Tecmo, but it is Football.
    I've modified the Sega Genesis' FIFA International Soccer '93 to reflect the rosters of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that was won by Germany.  There are 48 teams total, plus an Adidas All-Star Team. 
    Although the teams are from three years ago, this will serve as a foundation for when I release a future ROM based on the 2018 World Cup.  If my memory serves correct, this is the 4th ROM released in a series of ROMs based on the 2014 World Cup, to include Nintendo World Cup (NES), International Superstar Soccer (SNES), and J.League Winning Goal (NES).
    Please note, I still consider this release to be a work in progress.  At the moment, I have been unable to locate the locations of the player ratings.  To off-set this, I've arranged the rosters so that 2014's players reflect the 1993 players in both position and skill level.  I figure while not necessary, I have until 2018 to figure this out.  I was able to adjust the overall team ratings, however.



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