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  1. Ken Griffey Baseball 2019

    I've made you wait long enough for this.  Enjoy!



  2. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball All-Time Edition version

    Here is a new-and-improved update to the All-Time Edition I did last year for the first Griffey on SNES. Differences from this version and the last are pretty distinct. I corrected a fwe things, revised some lineups and rosters as well as rating the players differently so it would make a more evenly balanced game. 
    For my original release I used a player's 5 best career years, regardless of the team and regardless if the seasons were not in a row. While this may be more fun I suppose since players will be a lot better, it also made the game a little less balanced. So, for this release, I decided to take a player's 7 best seasons. Also, the 7 seasons had to be consecutive (except if they missed significant time due to injury or a suspension or military service) AND they had to be seasons from which the player played on the team he is represented on in the game. This helped make things a lot more balanced as well as making it a whole lot easier for me to rate the players. 
    I also changed how I rated a player on their defense. I used a combination of Defensive Runs Saved, FLD%, Assists, dWAR, Caught Stealing % and Zone Ratings as well as taking Gold Gloves into account. This definitely lowered a lot of fielder ratings across the board and I think it's much more accurate. One good example of how this changed player ratings would be Jeter on the Yankees. His DEF rating is now a more realistic 7 since I now took into account his horrible range factor this time. Overall, I am a lot more happy with this version than the previous one and hopefully you are, too! I guess version 1.0 is more extreme, so you have a lot more guys rated 9 or 10 where as this one has far less players rated as highly. 
    I included both the regular version here as well as the '98 expansion version, which replaces 2 teams so you can play as Tampa and Arizona if you want. (See the original v1.0 thread for details on that). 
    Feel free to give any criticism or feedback and if you notice any mistakes. I had Harmon Killebrew as a Lefty in v1.0, but thanks to someone on here that pointed this error out, he is now a Righty like he should be. 



  3. updated roster for tsb3 2019

    trying out tsm3 manager



  4. Super RBI Baseball 2019

    Super R.B.I. Baseball 2019 is finally available for all to download.  If you like this, you can check out my entire collection at BaronGaming.weebly.com. 
    All 30 MLB teams are available choose from, along with the division winners from 1989 to 1993. 
    HR Derby is available, along with the ability to draft a custom team from scratch. 
    Download and enjoy!



  5. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball - All-Time Greats: '98 Expansion

    This is the '98 expansion edition of my All-Time Greats hacked ROM of KGB. 
    It plays and was designed to be exactly the same as the regular version and player ratings and stats also use the same system I used for the regular All-Time Greats edition.
    **A few special things to note**
    I wanted Arizona and Tampa Bay to have similar uniform looks to what they have in real life. But until I learn how to hex edit, we are forced to use the game's default designs. Because of those limitations, I ended up replacing the Houston Astros with the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays and the Texas Rangers with the Arizona Diamondbacks. So while the stadiums and uniform looks of those 2 teams are semi-accurate or as close to what they can be or what they should be - obviously the Rays are in NL and the Diamondbacks are in the AL in my version of the game. For exhibition play, this won't be an issue since you can simply turn on or off the DH rule. But for season play, the Rays will be DH-less and playing against NL teams and the D-Backs will have a DH and be battling AL teams. But at least the teams are present and their all-time rosters can be played with. Of course since the original game also only enables you to pick from 28 teams, this also means this '98 Expansion Edition won't allow you to play the Astros or Rangers vs the Rays or D-Backs. 
    I would also love to replace the Houston and Texas logos at some point with Arizona and TB's so they will be accurate. As well as also attempt to change the team names on the gameplay screens and standings screens so they will be accurate as well. I need to learn how to edit with the hex editors and SNES palettes and need help with that though. So that would be included in a later update of this ROM if and when I am able to figure that stuff out.  
    As always, any feedback, criticism or suggestions is extremely welcome!
    ENJOY!!! And "Play Ball!"



  6. College Slam 2019

    This is a follow-up to my 2017 release of College Slam for SNES.  I originally released it a month ago to my Patreon.com/BaronGaming subscribers.  Now it's available on TecmoBowl.org.
    There are 44 teams available to choose from and 9 unlockable teams (Up-Down-Left-Right-Up-Down-Left-Right at the title screen).
    Enjoy!  You can find this and rest of my collection at BaronGaming.weebly.com.



  7. Ken Griffey Jr Baseball - All-Time Greats

    This is a custom hack of the original KGB SNES game, but with all-time legends on every team's roster!
    I tried to include a bit of every championship era a team had on each roster, spanning all 98 seasons in MLB's live-ball era from 1920-2018. 
    I also kept the game's basic structure fundamentals for rosters. So every team has 5 starting pitchers, 5 relievers, 8 (or 9 in the AL) starting position players and 7 (or 6 in the AL) bench position players. I also stayed true to the original's roster makeup so that every bench has a catcher, 3 infielders and 3 outfielders -- except in the AL, where the DH's natural position dictates the remaining bench positions (example - David Ortiz's natural position  was 1B, so the Red Sox only have 2 IFs on the bench). Generally, a player appears on the team he played his best seasons for. But there are some exceptions in order to get as many deserving players in the game as I could (example - Mike Piazza had his best seasons with the Dodgers from '93-'97, but he is the Mets' starting catcher in this game). Also, I made a rule that no player can appear more than once in the game. So you will not see Barry Bonds on the Pirates and the Giants or Frank Robinson on the Reds and the Orioles. 
    Player's stats are based on their 5 peak seasons of their career, regardless of the team they played for. For example, Frank Robinson's AVG. is his 5 best career batting averages averaged out; his HR total is his 5 peak home run seasons averaged; and his RBI total is his 5 peak RBI seasons averaged. The same basic rules apply to pitchers as well for their ERA, Wins, Losses and Saves. Also, in order to really see every player on an equal playing field the 5-year peak season stats are pro-rated. So for instance, if you look at Tony Gwynn's stats in the game, those are his 5-year peak numbers pro-rated to 500 ABs. All position players' stats are pro-rated to 500 ABs. All starting pitchers' stats are pro-rated to 36 GS. And all relievers' stats are pro-rated to 70 G. This allows you to look at the players on even ground, so a player who may have usually had 720 plate appearances won't have bloated stats over a guy who may have only normally had 500 plate appearances during his 5-year peak. 
    Player's skill ratings also had a specific system I used. Using players' 5-year peak season numbers and pro-rated to 500 AB/36 GS/70 G, here were the ranking systems I used for each skill rating:
    BAT uses the hitter's batting average in their 5-yr peak. Below is the system I used: (I didn't show 1-4 since there not any players rated that low)
    POW uses the hitter's home runs in their 5-yr peak and pro-rated to 500 AB. Below is the system I used:
    SPD uses the hitter's Stolen Base attempts + 3Bs in their 5-yr peak pro-rated to 500 AB. 
    DEF uses the hitter's fielding percentage as well as DRS (Defensive Runs Saved). For outfielders, I also took into account their assists. For catchers, their CS% was also used. If a player received a GG they more than usually received a 9. Players with multiple Gold Gloves almost always received a 10 DEF rating. However, there are a few players who had great defense (9 or 10) that never won a GG. So that is always a good indicator of how well a player's defense is.
    SPD uses the pitcher's SO/9 innings pitched in their 5-yr peak.
    CON uses the pitcher's WHIP as well as FIP in their 5-yr peak.
    FAT uses the starting pitcher's innings pitched per games started in their 5-yr peak and a reliever's innings pitched per games played. 
    I tried to be as faithful as I could to all player's physical appearances. Whether that was physical stature and physique, batting stances, hair length and color, facial hair or skin tones. I think I did a decent job and hope you feel like the players match their real-life counterparts as much as this game allows. If anybody notices a mistake or something that may need to be fixed, please let me know! I will fix it and re-upload an updated version.
     Please leave any feedback, criticism, suggestions or comments on here! I'd love to know what anybody else thinks that downloads and plays this. Also, I have a '98 expansion edition I will also upload very soon. 
    Ken Griffey Jr. All-Time Edition.smc



  8. NBA Showdown 2018

    I released this ROM edit for the 25th anniversary of NBA Showdown back in May on my Patreon.com/BaronGaming page.  The rosters and player ratings are based on the end of the 2018 NBA season.
    Just like the original, there is player stat tracking, player trades (so you can send Lebron to the Lakers if you want to keep this updated), All Star teams, custom teams, and each team has at least one player with a "marquee" move.



  9. Ken Griffey Baseball 2018

    Keeping with tradition, here is this season's release of Ken Griffey Jr. Presents: Major League Baseball 2018.  Rosters were finalized prior to this season's trade deadline. 
    Mostly everything is the same from the previous season with a few exceptions:  I figured out how to modify the way pitchers appeared on the mound and changed the criteria for Home Run Derby selection. 
    This game, and my entire collection can be found at BaronGaming.weebly.com.  Enjoy!



  10. Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball 1996 - SWANGIN' (SNES)

    This file was previously buried in my update thread, thus I wanted to put it out to everyone to download.
    This is a 1996 version of Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball that I edited using the KGB editor.  I completed and released this rom on 7-20-14.  Rosters reflect the teams the players played most for and not the season ending rosters...I call this more of a What If Sports roster format.  Download and enjoy!



  11. Ken Griffey 2017

    Happy Friday!
    This is the 3rd seasonal release of Ken Griffey Presents: Major League Baseball 2017.  If you enjoyed 2015 and 2016, you'll love 2017!
    The game-play and everything else carries over from the previous versions.  There is one major difference from the previous versions: the Homerun Derby.  In 2015, the Derby retained the original participants (Nick Noheart, Can O'Corn, etc).  In 2016, these were replaced with baseball legends like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.  In 2017, these have been replaced by the participants in last season's MLB Homerun Contest (Giancarlo Stanton, Adam Duvall, Corey Seager, Mark Trumbo, and Todd Frazier).
    Also, I did change up a few of my formulas to (hopefully) closer represent their respective players, namely pitcher speed and control.



  12. Ken Griffey's Winning Run 2016

    It's heeeere!
    This is the 2016 edition of the sequel to the SNES's Ken Griffey Presents: Major League Baseball.  The rosters are based on the ones that I used for last season's Ken Griffey Presents 2016, which are based on the opening-day rosters from the 2016 season.
    For those unfamiliar, Winning Run is a different ball-game from the original.  It's more simulation, less arcade.  In many areas, it improves on many facets that Presents accomplished.
    For starters, it expands on Presents' season stat tracking.  Now, not only is your team's stats tracked through the season, but the rest of the league, as well.  And to compliment this, there are sortable league leaders screens, as well.
    Also, something new to Winning Run is the ability to trade players.  So, while this is a 2016 game, you can trade players with other teams and keep your rosters updated for multiple season.  Please note, this doesn't rule out future 2017 or further releases.
    Oh, did I mention that all THIRTY MLB teams are here?  In order to unlock the two expansion Tampa and Arizona teams, you must complete a season (not sure if it HAS to be 162 games or not).
    I also updated the All-Star team (something not done in previous Griffey updates) and all eight Homerun Derby rosters (something not done until later releases).
    I updated as many fine details as I could get my hands on to make this look as "official release" as possible.  I was able to change Florida, California, and Montreal to Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington, respectively.  However, I was unable to change the logo of the Washington Nationals.  So, while the standings and team-select might read "Washington," there is still an Expos logo hanging around.  Nothing game-breaking.



  13. College Slam 2017

    This ROM is a 2017 update to the 1996 SNES release of College Slam, the NCAA version of NBA Jam.  In the original game, there were no players - just generic names like "PT GUARD," "CENTER," etc.  I have edited all the names to reflect the top five players from all 44 included teams.  I've updated the names, player ratings, appearances, and a couple of team names (FSU becomes Florida State, UNC becomes North Carolina).
    As an added bonus, when you press UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT-UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT on the title screen, you can unlock 9 extra teams.  I've edited these as well.  The unlockable teams are the 2010 thru 2016 All-American teams, BaronROMs University, and the East Side Crew (folks I grew up with who traveled between each other's houses, having SNES TSB and NBA Jam parties on the weekends).  Enjoy!
    The complete list of teams available is:
    Boston College
    Florida State
    Georgia Tech
    Michigan St.
    North Carolina
    North Carolina State
    Ohio State
    Oklahoma State
    Penn State
    St. John's
    Southern Cal.
    South Carolina
    Wake Forest
    All-Americans 2015-16 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2014-15 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2013-14 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2012-13 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2011-12 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2010-11 (unlockable)
    All-Americans 2009-10 (unlockable)
    East Side Crew (unlockable)
    BaronROMs University (unlockable)



  14. Ken Griffey Baseball 2016

    It's finally here!  This ROM is based on the 2016 Major League Baseball season.
    The rosters are mostly based on the opening day rosters with a small sampling of "modder preferences" (i.e. Yu Darvish, Aroldis Chapman, etc).
    As a base-ROM, I used a slightly modified version of Ken Griffey Presents: Major League Baseball that has the Washington Nationals and Los Angeles Angels in the place of the Montreal Expos and Anaheim Angels.  Also, while keeping the Florida Marlins logo, in the game I replaced "Florida" with "Miami."
    I used JG Games' editor to do most of the editing.  However, there were some categories that, for whatever reason, the editor was limited.  While the ratings vary from 1 thru 10, for batting power and fielding I was limited to 9.  So, I used HxD's hex-editor to give a handful of batters a 10 rating for power, and the last two seasons' Gold Glove award winners (and Aaron Hicks) a 10 for fielding.
    Also, I replaced the entire Home Run Derby roster (except for Ken Griffey, Jr.) with historic home-run heroes.  So, the likes of Nick Noheart, Sammy Scrap, Can O'Corn, and others have been replaced with Barry Bonds (single season and career HR champ), Hank Aaron (former career HR champ), Babe Ruth (former single season and career HR champ), Roger Maris (former single season HR champ), and Mike Schmidt.  Right now, for the sake of annual re-useability,
    On this note, I believe I've covered everything.  If I've overlooked anything or you notice anything glaringly incorrect, please let me know.  Enjoy!



  15. Futbol Argentino 96

    Do you love soccer? Play this games is a hack rom of International Super Star Soccer Deluxe. Im not the creator of the hack rom but I like it. i hope you enjoy with this game



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