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Sega Genesis Tecmo Super Bowl 1, 2, And 3

6 files

  1. Tecmo Super Bowl 2019-2020 [Training Camp Edition]

    The first file of Tecmo Super Bowl 2020 for Sega Genesis! This will be updated over the season with any transactions.



  2. Tecmo Super Bowl 3 - 2019

    Hey Guys. 
    New to the site, but have been modding games for a while and finally cracked Tecmo Super Bowl 3 for the Sega Genesis. I completed the following parts of the game, as Im more HxD driven than TIle Molestor or Tile Layer.
    2019 Rosters effective as of May 1st.
    - All teams completed with updated rosters and attributes. (Not Photos)
    - Modded the Texans logo for a few screens.
    - Modded the main menu, schedule names, and team names.
    - Missing teams due to the map and the team locations (Ravens, Titans) Texans just seemed to have made sense for the location of the former Houston Oilers.
    Really dont have a way to find the mini helmets, large ones, end zones. Ive anyone wants to work together on updates to this Sega classic let me know. Im working on the following updates as well.
    NFL Primetime 98'
    World Series Baseball 98'



  3. Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    This is a roster update of Sega's original Tecmo Super Bowl.  Changes include: Chargers are now Los Angeles Chargers, Rams are also Los Angeles Rams,  Oilers changed to Tennessee Titans. 



  4. Tecmo Super Bowl 2016-2017

    This is the Genesis version of Tecmo 2016-2017. There are a few differences between this and the NES versions, including adding Moritz  Boehringer and having Brady despite the suspension [which was unjustly upheld, but that's neither here nor there]. Hope you guys enjoy!



  5. Tecmo Super Bowl All Time Redux

    This is the Genesis' all time rosters, redone and changed around by myself using Baron Von Lector's ratings for TSB Gold. If there are any errors that need to be fixed, let me know. 

    Special thanks go to Baron Von Lector for the ratings, with out them it'd have been a struggle to work on their ratings.



  6. Tecmo Super Bowl

    This is a converted file of Tecmo Super Bowl for Sega Genesis i converted from SMD to BIN. I converted it since no where else had an editable rom for it. This can be used in TSBM 2000.


    I have redone the rom to show the end of the 1993 season. Several players who did not play in 1993 were removed for those who have played. Also got rid of all the "Position Team" names for the real names

    Some of the players added were Rich Gannon, John Lynch, Marcus Allen, Kimble Anders. Some of the removed/retired players include Okoye, Kane, McGwire



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