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  2. I'm not seeing where it says it is juiced in the notes. also - for a long time I was just playing the drummer4god versions - but when he stopped I did eventually did pick up the Tecmonster version for 2015 and later. is that considered one of the better latter-day roms out there? if not what is? thanks.
  3. Made an updated Fantasy Draft Template https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pmroIw4TFJW_kuMuJ0gzhfmpb5TI5Y6NsqLcWAIYbi0/edit?usp=sharing You pick the position while you draft and the ROM sheet will automatically spit out the code you need to copy and paste. Turned a two-week project into one that only takes minutes.
  4. Discord: Bone Winkleman Nickname (if applicable): Lamar Latrell, Latrell Lamar Availability: Afternoons, Weekends are the best. Can you host?: No. I use the servers. List 4 Team Preferences: BROWNS, Tampa Bay, Saints, Oilers What's your location/timezone?: EST, Boonies of Cleveland, OH Why do you want to join HSTL?: I just want to Tecmo baby.
  5. Bone Winkleman on Discord. I don't host, i use servers. Cleveland Browns would be my team of choice. The other two teams are Cardinals and Tampa Bay.
  6. iconboxingclub 12-2 Overall 7-1 in Pool C Won Championship iconboxingclub was a favorite after an impressive thunderdome performance. In his first game he beat covid_garbage 28-21 WAS over DEN. A blocked field goal allowed him to avoid a upset by nostradamus after James Brooks brooke an OT run for the win CIN over KC 20-14. In the playoffs he had a dominante win over PistolPete 38-7 CIN over KC. Then a GB over CLE 21-7 win over Green Majik moved him into the final four. He was able to take out #1 seed FastEd7070 31-21 in a MIA over CHI match-up to head to the finals. In the finals he faced off against covid-garbage in a rematch of his first matchup a 17-6 JETS over NO win gave him the title in a match that went down to the last possession. Icon has established himself as a top Tecmo player online and hopefully he will become a legend online and bring his game to some live events. He will be able to defend his title in season 2 and if he wins again will be able to leave the league on top.
  7. covid_garbage 12-2 Overall 7-1 in Pool C Lost in Finals It took a stay at home order for this legend to finally join us online. Early in the season he fended off known spoiler nostradamus in a 17-10 win GB over CLE. Covid dominated most of his games but had to fall back to the garbage moniker of his name ending both halfs with long passes to force OT where he won on a field goal 31-28 DAL over PHX against ShakeDitty. Due to a better overall record he was the Pool C champion. In the playoffs he beat YungTel 24-7 DAL over NO. Then he was able to defeat JJT 21-14 DEN over DET. In the semifinals a solid performance by Marino was able to allow the Dolphins to beat KC 15-13. In the finals he had the opportunity to avenge his only loss but once again lost to iconboxingclub. covid_garbage is welcome at any tournament or online league no matter how drunk he gets and is a treasure to the Tecmo community and has done so much for it. He is eligible to return to the rookie league but declined a second season I hope he goes on to be a top online player.
  8. FastEd7070 11-2 Overall 8-0 in Pool B Lost in Semifinals FastEd had a dominant offense in the regular season scoring 297 points scoring at least 40 points on 4 separate occasions. He won close games against PaskDaYooper and Alpha TD to win Pool B going undefeated within the pool. He was able to secure the #1 spot in the playoffs where he beat Noyhouse 22-14 PIT over TB without completing a single pass his Running game was top notch. Then In a rematch of top Pool B players Ed was able to beat PaskDaYooper once again 24-7 MIA over CHI. In the semifinals the same matchup was called but he was on the other end as he was the Bears his run came to an end losing 31-21 to eventual champ iconboxingclub. FastEd7070 is a player i see being a force to be reckoned with online and in live tournaments in the Midwest. He will return in season 2 and i know he is gunning for the title.
  9. 1. Dj Gatorshark 2. No 3.No Preference
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  11. Lol, boy you sure did a massive bump @BO FB Offtackle Left surely you remember making that post in 2005 right? Anyway if this were a simulation style of game where the aim was to get a bit of realism I think the field goal kicking and what not would be problematic. But for arcade style of games it doesn't really matter.
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    as respects polygamy, what is it with 8 (give-or-take) women "clam"-oring for one man's boner?
  13. Championship Games and Super Bowl Stream Tripleheader. AFC championship Game: 14:40 NFC Championship Game: 44:20 Super Bowl: 1:14:12 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/679089863
  14. 1. YungTel 2. No 3.No Preference
  15. VGifted

    My TSB Journal

    I'm back again, Today's word is "Inconsistency" I've been playing for a full year and I feel I am not playing up to my true potential. I'm sure everyone gets the feeling of forgetting how to win where everybody is coming for the same thing, VICTORY! There are times I can do everything right and still lose. Trail by a TD needing a drive to win; (those are the opportunities I hope for), I can go toe to toe with one the highest ranked players in the TPC Circuit beat win but turn around and lose to a weaker player. Hard to stay focus sometimes, those are the things I can overcome easily. At this point, I had played in about 5 leagues overall I only have one winning season (OGTL, plus a playoff appearance) . What will be the next step to get better; find a training partner. Study more, learn player's tendencies , I'll do anything to get better. This is the beauty of being in the group of great TSB players. In October 2020, Florida is having a Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament; it's long overdue That's my chance to make a name for myself. From here on out, play the game without a doubt, without fear, the most important thing is rekindle the passion and joy of playing.
  16. Those were by the folks at TecmoBowlers: https://web.archive.org/web/20160317003057/https://tecmobowlers.com/product-category/carts/ I dunno, maybe @DFM, @keithisgood or @bruddog who have written for that site before might know if you can still find the files.
  17. I don't think any of those roms specifically came from here
  18. In. One day while bored at work I watched and streamed a full COM season of the Vikings. I was like, hey, this is actually pretty exciting stuff here. Nice idea!!
  19. Dude!


    You are missing the mark with these NBA games, I told ya the Coach K edit will put you in GOD status, lol. Love your work bro, keep pumping out the NBA roms.

  20. Les fans de Pokémon sont au bord de la crise cardiaque avec la grande nouveauté que nous apporte le Pokémon Presents d'aujourd'hui. Et c'est que les plus nostalgiques seront ravis de voir le retour de Pokémon Snap, un classique de la Nintendo 64 qui revient en force. vous pouvez également télécharger: https://antibiolor.org/telecharger-pokemon-diamant-rom/ S'il est vrai qu'il y a eu d'autres annonces en direct, il est clair que New Pokémon Snap a suscité le plus d'attention. Il n'est pas pour moins. Les heures et les heures que nous passons à photographier les Pokémon à l'époque, imaginez les possibilités sur Switch ! Et en parlant de grand Pokemon, nous avons également une promotion très intéressante pour Pokemon Sword and Shield. Un nouvel événement mettant en vedette Zeraora prendra des autocars pour participer aux Max Raids. Si nous atteignons un million de participants dans le monde, tous les entraîneurs recevront une Zeraora brillante
  21. Interestingly, both Latias and Latios are Dragon / Psychic. The most obvious difference between them is that Latias is a woman and Latios is a man. They are the first legendary Pokémon to have genres In Pokémon Go, Latias has the strongest defense, while Latios wins in attack. They share the same exact resistance stat, but by adding them all up Latios is a little over the top. Generally, you would think that the Pokémon with the strongest defense would have the advantage, but in this case Latios is really stronger, due to its superior movement set. They both have Draco breath. Zen head butt is also available, but is usually more ineffective. Latias may come with a Fairy-like move, but it's best left in Pokémon of this type. You can also download https://downloadroms.cc/rom/download-pokemon-yellow-rom/ Now, this is where Latios has the advantage. It has the Dragon Claw fast charge, which in the PvP format is a great advantage. Counters With a Dragon / Psychic double type it is difficult to find weaknesses. But there are six types in total that you can use: Bug, Sinister, Fairy, Ghost, Ice and Dragon.
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