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  2. Not enough State Farm commercials.
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  4. I am a Youtube TV guy now
  5. I would watch it if I had HBO.
  6. Accomplishments He has a better winning percentage than Joe Namath Kept the Patriots from overtaking the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins Eli Face
  7. We'll see him in the Hall of Fame in 5 years. Two Super Bowl rings in the Big Apple is pretty much an automatic ticket in.
  8. Hi. New to the site and looking forward to the chance to play tecmo again. Hope to have the game set up for online play by this weekend.
  9. the updated versions for the SUPER NINTENDO and GENESIS .... better grafix the works...its 2020
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  11. As expected, Eli Manning is retiring after 16 seasons. He's making it official Friday.
  12. Sorry, got a little garbled in my brain there. Trying for their first Super Bowl win since 1995.
  13. More snow along my route than what is in GB. Yeah, I'll probably make the trip. Find a spot for me in either division. I probably belong in D1, against my better judgement.
  14. This evening I tried (for the first time) to run on a/my x64 (Win7) laptop XOR-NFL¤Challenge ... I was (of course) not able to run XOR-NFL¤C ... directly ... NOR by configuring DOSbox ... either ... Unable to open a HOWEVER, after (also) unsuccessfully trying to run XOR-NFL¤C in my/a browser ... on a couple different archive sites (which "experimentally" offer that option) I found/read the following: PRE-CONFIGURED XOR-NFL¤Challenge @ Old-Games MUCH to my disbelief/pleasure, the above Pre-Configured DOXbox/XOR-NFL¤Challenge actually runs directly on my Win7x64 laptop !!! I then proceeded to tweak the install to add the '85, '88, '90 & '91 team sets ... Looking forward to adding ... more NFL years/teams ... & NCAA years/teams ?!?!?!
  15. Happy to see all the out of towners coming down to this awesome tournament! Looking forward to hanging out with you all!
  16. CONGRATS to 2-0 @Mike Gordan, @VGifted, & @TecmoSuperFan this Round, over 1-1 @gamingtrucker1, me, & @BO FB Offtackle Left ...
  17. Nope,that's a different mod with the same name. This one was newer and had hacks not implemented on any released mods on this site. Whoever designed the hacks hasn't released them publicly so that they could sell their hacked game on cartridge every year. Unfortunately, the site and the copies that could be bought have disappeared entirely from the internet. It's a genuine shame, I'd love to be able to go for 2 point conversions in Tecmo Super Bowl.
  18. If the weather would cooperate I would probably make the trip. Tecmo is a big part of my life, but not sure if it is enough to risk ending it.
  19. For the few people that may be interested in an update on this subject. The Standings at the end of Week 13. AFC EAST - Buff 9-3, Mia 6-6, NYJ 5-7, Ind 5-7, NE 3-9 AFC CENT - Cin 7-5, Hou 7-5, Pit 6-6, Cle 5-7 AFC WEST - Raid 11-1, KC 9-3, SD 4-8, Den 4-8, Sea 3-9 NFC EAST - NYG 8-4, Dall 7-5, Phx 7-6, Was 6-6, Phi 5-7 NFC CENT - Chi 8-4, GB 7-5, Min 7-6, Det 6-6, TB 3-9 NFC WEST - SF 7-5, NO 6-6, Rams 5-7, Atl 3-9 Team Leaders - Offense Yards - San Francisco 3776, Detroit 3497 Pass Yards - Houston 2858, San Francisco 2559 Rush Yards - Chicago 2281, Kansas City 2280 Scoring Off - LA Raiders 34 ppg San Francisco 33 ppg Defense Yards - Philadelphia 2641, NY Jets 2677 Pass Yards - Seattle 1072, Washington 1163 Rush Yards - NY Giants 756, San Francisco 1027 Scoring Def - Raiders - 16 ppg, Buffalo and NY Giants - 17 ppg Individual Leaders - Passer Rating - Joe Montana - sf 216.3 39-td 2-int 2559 yards Receptions - Anthony Carter - minn 27-rec 14-td Rushing Yards - Neal Anderson - chi 1979 yards 28-td Scoring - Neal Anderson - chi 29 - td Punting - Montgomery - hou 64.7 8 punts Interceptions - Waymer - SF 6-int Sacks - Chris Spielman det 14 - sacks Punt Returns - Taylor - sf 13.9 ave (TD's - Edwards buff 1) Kick Returns - Tim Brown - raiders 28.4 ave (TD's - Gray-det 2 , Brown - raid 2, Fenerty - no 1, Green Rams - 1, Walker min - 1, Sharpe gb - 1, Dixon dall - 1, Early SD - 1, McNeil - hou 1)
  20. Niners just were in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.
  21. Last week
  22. Check the Downloads the SNES section , you can find a modified version of TSB 2020 and others.
  23. Looked to me like the Titans were beaten more by the cold-weather than Mahomes et al.: Road-whooping defending champeons (ningland) and then this-season's NFL-best (Ravens), they should've come out TOUGHER/had no trouble with K.c ... Like Tannehill's playoff-dolphins of a few years ago, they just wanted to get home to some cocoa. (plus, it didn't help that their QB ran head-first into/got clocked hard by, Sorenson early-on. guy just didn't look the same - "mentally" - after that.) All things being even [officiating, etc.], Fat-Andy's Bunch won't have that weather-advantage, down in Miami ...
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