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  3. tally so far: Marino, Long, Taylor - unanimous 13 votes Doleman 4 votes out of 13. 14 votes are needed to make the 60% needed - so 1 more for ea of the big 3 while Doleman needs every vote to make it or 1 voter to not include him knocks him out.
  4. I’m going to vote for all 4 as Doleman wasn’t the force the Howie Long was but nobody was / will be. he was the 3rd best DL in the league for a 10 season stretch (along w/ Long & Millard) & won the 1989 ring along w made it back to back championship games 93 & 94 where he didn’t get sacks but was vital forcing ints thrown & getting at the RB in backfield. Howie Long & Marino both #1 for their position and starters on the WTF All Time team. John Taylor had a great career - not what Marino & Howie Long accomplished but the next tier behind them deserving !
  5. I have to vote for Doleman. Ha. So all 4 for me
  6. Anyone playing here? Bout to start a 8 man league
  7. Better get to it now before the league officially folds in another year or so.
  8. Id say yes to all.. Doleman is a top dl
  9. Hey hey , I couldnt find ya on Instagram. (?) Im looking to play Tsb on a league ,using my Android , yea yep. ! How can i get started ? ...
  10. Nice, I look forward to hearing how the season turns out and if it meets your expectations!
  11. It's linked to in the hacking directory But yeah to elaborate on what Bruddog said people used to ask about it ALL THE TIME and it's an 8 bit hardware limitation to have 3 color uniforms
  12. doing a com vs com of the season, and I really like it! Im repping my favorite teams (Packers) and they are 1-0 so far im sure that wont last, but a man can hope Edit: just lost to the bears 38-7 lol The scores are very realistic and varied, which i appreciate. Have seen 42-35 and 9-3, and everywhere in between on week 1
  13. I hope you are staying safe @gojiphen malor and everything is well for you and yours. I look forward to future updates with all the crazy FA changes. did you plan to release a predraft version, or postdraft? Thanks, and I appreciate all you do here!
  14. Right on, glad to see you are enjoying it! Just a year away from the Dirty Birds of '91. What a fun era, especially for Falcons fans.
  15. You could have a third color if you dint want to have a player skin color....
  16. So far unanimous 5 votes ea for Dan Marino, , Howie Long, & John Taylor & 1 of 5 votes for Chris Doleman.
  17. @stalltalk it’s been like that for all time receiver stats since league started. Brookston never got around to fixing for us. you can see them in alphabetical order if click on career stats for a differnt position first then click on WR on right side of screen where lists them all. have to write down or remember what they have. The career leaders works for top 3 so can go off of that as well.
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