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  2. I released Super R.B.I. Baseball 2019 for SNES on my Patreon (Patreon.com/BaronGaming) tonight and will be releasing it to the general public on July 1st, 2019.
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  4. Champion engraving. Congratulations @arncoem!!!
  5. Face=0xba is similar to several other faces, but there are a couple of details that make it a little unique. It looks like slight tweaks were made to look like a specific player. It's one of the few faces with that receding hairline, and it has a different stache and mouth than similar faces. They really seem to have had an eye for detail on this one. There's only one problem. This face is not used for anyone in the game! Why go through the trouble of making such a unique face, only to not use it? Was it intended for a certain player, and then they decided on a different face? Or a bench player who was going to be in, but then got cut or something? I'm so curious about this face.
  6. I'm sorry don't have a ton of time to write about this. But I have been looking and thinking on this since the nominees were posted. Warren Moon, QB - Short bright career. Not enough for this rodeo. That's a NO Andre Tippett, LB - THE monster LB of the early history of this league. not one but two 21 sack seasons. YES YES YES Roland James, DB - This one was the toughest I decision I had. The fact that he anchored ChiefsJr's stellar teams' defense over that span and won that first ring for him. YES Ottis Anderson, RB - Easiest decision ever. What a career for OJ Anderson. YAS Darrin Nelson, RB - Have gone back and forth on this. Adding in his receiving stats over his Giants years, his winning the Super Bowl (and 8 TDs in the run for it, so an integral part obviously, but he delivered). Gotta go with... YES
  7. After a grueling 12 hours of Burning Mort, The Grand Conjurer, growing weak from spreading his magic "seed" everywhere holds the sacred closing ceremony. Frolf, PCB (People's Champ's Brother) and Josh 2.0 take home the Trophy. Not captured on film due to the electromagnetic field created the Grand Conjurer vanished in a puff of smoke to his Dreamland where he will rest and let his powers regenerate for Burning Mort 4.
  8. Warren Moon, QB - Had a great career, but he does not get my vote in his first year of eligibility. The fact that his career was short and his interception count is a big factor for me. How do you throw 19 INTS at 75 PC then 21 INTs at 69? That's a NO. Andre Tippett, LB - An absolute beast at linebacker, 111 sacks. YES. Roland James, DB - Roland is a yes for me. For nine straight seasons, he was it in Kansas City. 80+ tackles in 7 of those seasons, top 5 in INTS all time. Two rings and a four-time All-Pro. YES. Ottis Anderson, RB - Just look at his player page: his accolades stretch on for days! YES. Darrin Nelson, RB - Tough one, but looking at the current list of RBs currently in the hall - Nelson belongs. Was a huge game breaker for the Giants in the passing and rushing game. Not to mention he had 8!!! touchdowns in the Giants' superbowl run. YES
  9. Thanks all for the tips! If nothing else they have been inspiration for my friend. He's out there now, if I hear anything interesting from the trip report I will post.
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    My TSB Journal

    Some Online Games; Two close wins!!
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  12. Tecmo Super Bowl - Best Team Football League Week 10 Highlights Late Games Part 2 (NFL)
  13. Natty Dread DET. RCB leroy IRVIN Face=0xbe #47 25 31 25 25 38 50 [3 25 ] S.F. TE2 jamie WILLIAMS Face=0xbe #81 25 69 19 38 50 31 [1 4 6 0 ] These guys must have had dreads for a very short time, as I could find scant photographic evidence of it. I'm putting Jamie Williams first, as it's a little clearer. In the photo you can clearly see long hair coming out the back of his helmet. In the video interview below that, you can see his hair in the photo on the wall behind him. All I could find of Leroy Irvin was a football card from 1989. If you look closely (zoom in) you can see his long hair coming out on the right side:
  14. Keen eye. Keen eye, indeed... It's part of my Circadian Riddim... That only makes about half as much sense as I'd like it to. Well, let me just say that I am a Bear, that awakens to the joys of Live music at the onset of every Summer. I fear I might've shared this before, but if I did then let it enter my ritual: F that. That's not even Live. Try this: this I love, because it honours my russian homeland. F - That's mimed. Here, I think I'm finally onto something here, try this:
  15. meat

    DC back online

    World series baseball 2k2 is also online
  16. OAK 35 CHI 21 It was tit for tat until CHI fumble. OAK keep driving, Grbac deep ball kept game close. Came down to turnover and possessions. GG JP.
  17. QB Warren Moon: I’m going w Moon as not in as his first couple of season were w/ MRTECMOSUPERBOWL & Moon was back and b - he never did any damage in the playoffs & outside of his 1 dominant season he was behind Marino, Dave Krieg, & Harbaugh. He also came in the league at 75pc - the only QB ever to be 75pc- and retired at 69pc so he didn’t have longevity or a battle after aged. - as close as i could be to a yes vote but going w/ NO LB Andre Tipett - I had to play vs him & the Bengals every season 2x, from baxter then to Madtown it was a bitch knowing Tippett was going to be there w/ either pressure on the QB or able to intercept me w his elevated LB int rating. Total beast, vote yes DB Roland James - didn’t have the dominant season(s) that Hof player should have. Extremely valuable player & team mvp easily - can see his number retired by his team & a fan favorite for 30 years after retirement but missing that key 15+ int season as well as only had 2 seasons in a row w double digit ints. Missing that 6 straight 10 or more ints. Instead he had 6, 11, 11, 6, 12, 5 per season during the prime of his career. A great player & winner on the field - just not HOF. - NO RB Otis anderson- another player I had to face 2x a season for many seasons. I sat back and watched him first chase, the catch-up to, then annihilate Chuck Muncie’s RB short lived RB records. Easiest vote so far - yes RB Darin Nelson - tough to say no but he had only 2 All Pro seasons & even though he caught a shitload of balls out of the backfield he still comes in 8,000 yards rushing less than Otis A & even below Hershel Walker who never made it to 63ms where Nelson did most of his damage. Only 1 season above 2,000 yards rushing - which 2,000 yards needs to be either flirted w or gone over if you want to be HoF worthy (if 56-63ms for majority of career). - NO
  18. This is pretty special, Slash lets BB wear his hat at 2:30:
  19. Everything about this: the whistling the hair the shirtless the crowd it's hammerstein ballroom on halloween and omg it's 1997 so no one in the crowd is holding a cell phone
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