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High Speed Tecmo League

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  2. Possible to show up as "a forum" now
  3. Here is my impression @hoffnasty9 @kamphuna8 @davefmurray of how a club would work on this site. It would allow people to make their own small customized communities within Tecmobowl.org which is sort of what leagues are trying to accomplish. THIS IS THE HSTL. HERE IS OUR LOGO. THIS IS WHAT WE TALK ABOUT. Maybe in today's day and age of discord this is an outdated concept. Maybe it's something that could be applied to Tecmo tourneys instead. In my head, the best implementation is that you are capable of highlighting the purpose of a group while keeping the details under wraps to people not interested. As currently implemented I think clubs don't naturally display themselves on the site so basically you have to stumble into them. That would change in the next update to the software You can read more about it here https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/43-paid-club-memberships-and-other-club-improvements-r1065/
  4. I recently disabled archiving so that is no longer an issue. There is a big update coming out for this forum software in the near future which will have some enhancements for clubs.
  5. How do these work? What are the capabilities? Like I would be interested in starting one for our PNW live league, but not sure what the capabilities are here. I post about our season in Live Tourneys (since that's kind of what it is but more a season rather than a tourney) but it's more similar to an online league, just that we play live (much else that is done is online, drafting, uploading etc. ) And what's the question regarding archiving? Is this any different from a standard forum on here in that vein?
  6. Seems like a nice deal for a league but I'm not sure how it's archived going forward
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