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Tacoma, WA - CFT Season 3

TSB Tournaments

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We will be providing you tecmo fiending freaks a LIVE season, with modified rosters and conditions and injuries behaving like regular season. The Rosters are all Original rom players (OL and Defense locked in to their OG Rom alignment/positions). The Kickers and Punters are all 50 50 in terms of ability and have made up names (or actual names if the owner so chooses). 


The owners include 






@~Tailback King~





possibly have a 10th. 


We do have the 5 game merger tool working. 


If we have 10, we will go with a 10 week season with no byes. 


If we have 9, we will go with a 9 week round robin with 1 bye per team. 


I've got both schedules locked in and ready as soon as I hear about our 10th owner. 


Stream will be on www.twitch.tv/kamphuna8  starting around 9am Pacific. Season will start an hour or 2 later. 

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