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Seattle, WA - Pimpin' Ain't Easley

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All that I will announce at this time is that there WILL be an epic Tecmo Super Bowl tournament in Seattle, Washington Sunday, Labor Day weekend and that Seahawks Legend and new NFL Hall of Fame member Kenny Easley will be honored in some way.


Though he may not find his way on the 8-bit gridiron on this day (or perhaps he will??), David Fulcher, Joey Browner and other hard-hitting, ball-hawking safeties certainly will, evoking memories of #45 in blue and white. 


Save the date!


1. DT

2. MAD MANYO (highest possible prestige level achieved)

3. Kamphuna (tremendous amount of prestige achieved)

4. Tick (of course, going in pretty much the order of prestige I envisioned)

5. Tailback King (if he can crack the code of what day it is)

6. Who else wants the most prestige by chiming in, thusly elevating their name toward the top of the list??


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Easley last played in the NFL in 87, but still made his way onto the original TB roster which was released in Feb of 1989.  That's a guy who's career was cut short by a medical condition, but slipped under the radar of the Japanese programmers as they finalized the Tecmo roster some 4-6 months after he had retired.  

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