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Found 2 results

  1. TECMO TEXAS Sunday, January 26th 2014 11am Three Links in Deep Ellum (Link http://www.threelinksdeepellum.com/) $20 Entry Fee. 32 person tournament. All money will be in the prize pool. Top 8 will get paid out. We have always done a tournament at our buddies house around Super Bowl week but this time we're taking it to the streets! We we inspired by our homies in Madison and wanted to do our own Tecmo tourney in Dallas. All are welcome! Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/578826822191791 Signup by sending an email to tecmotexas@gmail.com
  2. Tecmo Mud Bowl V - Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament NES Date: Saturday 8/18/12 Time: 9:30 A.M. Location: Carthage Twin Cinema 1120 W. Panola St. Carthage, TX 75633 Contact Number to Register: (903) 754-7257 (Please Register as we are only taking 30 Players) Cost: $25.00 to enter This tournament shall be played on Tecmo Super Bowl on NES. What you get for playing - Shirt - Drink - Popcorn - Guaranteed 3 Games Played - A chance at Trophy Rules>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 1. Played on Original Nintendo Cartridge of Tecmo Super Bowl, no outside games allowed. 2. Played with Original NES Controllers, No Other Controllers Allowed, No Turbos, No Outside Controllers. 3. Coin Flip decides what teams are picked to play with. This means Coin Flip winner picks both teams to be played with. 4. Coin Flip Losers get to pick either, which team they want, or which controller. If they pick a team then the other player gets to choose which controller. 5. If a play happens that causes a game messup, such as blocked pass called sack, then you must just play it out. This is not the only example of what can happen. 6. No taking DL men and diving in on the QB. 7. No pressing buttons during coin toss. 8. You are allowed to sub players for other positions. 9. You are allowed to modify playbooks before the game. 10. You are allowed to coach other players during a game. 12. Players will break up into groups of four and play each other once during a robin-round style matchup. Each player shall be ranked after this from 1-20 based on Most Wins, with Points Diff as first tie breaker, and Total Yardage as second tie breaker. 11. Players will fill out a score sheet during the robin-round matchups to keep track of the Person they Played, Points Diff, and Total Yardage. 12. The top 20 players will play in a double elimination bracket. 13. First Place gets a trophy and money. 14. Second Place gets a trophy and smaller amount of money. 15. Third Place gets smallest amout of money. 16. First, Second, and Third place get automatic invites to the next tournament and shall not have to play robin-round. 17. Each player can only call the same matchup once. Example: Player 1 calls Bills at Niners, then Player 1 can never choose these two teams ever again in the tournament. However, if Player 1 is playing another player that decides to call that matchup then that is allowed. 18. Third Place gets to pick the two teams played with in the Super Bowl. Coin Flip winner in the Super Bowl gets the first choice of which team or which controller first.