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  1. I agree... larger leagues are fun but the speed of the season and interaction seems to be more with smaller leagues.
  2. I have actually had neerm set up hosting for me. It lasted for a day then didn't any longer. I used to be able to host flawlessly with my old internet provider. I will be switching back soon. in the meantime, simmer down hippies.
  3. Im too old to figure out how to fart without soiling my britches, kamp.
  4. I know brooks but my sack sounds more awesome if you don't talk about lag.. nobody likes lag in their sacks. It just seems to be happening as I get older.
  5. Nobody likes a hater.....don't be a hater
  6. Tecmo is in a good spot.... I see less whining and wanting to quit over some bad tecmo luck. Those types like Hake and many others are gone. I see less trouble makers around also... perhaps it is because this community is aging and maturing. Perhaps those types of ppl just left for good.... I also think that many of the people who jumped around from league to league then quit them quickly are leaving league play completely. We still have a few of them but with less leagues, participation is generally higher and their choices are limited. If a person quits a league he may be waiting a while before a spot opens up In another and even then he may not be accepted back depending on why and how he quit. The league play is much better now. More involvement and interaction. Not just zombies trying to play in 5 leagues at once with little or no input. GTFO goes through a season and a draft in record speed and its awesome. WTF is consistent with its pace, although the off season drags a bit. with discord, contacting is really quick and easy and there are constant posts and messages left on it. So although the community seems smaller, I think it is much better and the camaraderie is the highest that I have ever experienced it. Also, guys like Bo and kamp are really good commissioners that keep things smooth along with brooks' expertise. this is a very good time for tecmo.
  7. My secret? Im full blown retarded, that is my only secret.... although its not much of a secret unfortunately.
  8. I wo uldnt be opposed at all if that matters. do you want us to look for someone for you? @brookstonfowler
  9. yeah, Paulie really did well this offseason. He is a great GM if any of you remember the old WTF. dangit.
  10. its amazing actually. Your ridiculous in the playoffs brooks
  11. oh man what a freaking turn of events! My RB this time missed his 70% roll and my best WR retired while my OL missed their 60% roll.... Lol. Sometimes you get the worm and sometimes the worm gets you I guess Looks like many of us were less fortunate this time around. Im sure a few are happier too. @brookstonfowler that had to hurt having franco age!!
  12. No, he should not have gotten a gain roll actually. There were 5 "B" qbs that gained the necessary 2000 yards in order to qualify. You divide that number (5) by 2 then round down. So, only 2 qbs from the "b" group should have qualified and unfortunately Krieg was the 3rd ranked qb in that tier... If one more "B" qb would have thrown for 2000 yards then he indeed would have qualified.
  13. Great call... eamons has flaked out of every league I have ever seen him in. I hate that.
  14. im ready