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  1. Pro Bowl rom (1983)

    the probowl roms are generated automatically on the website, arn. go to the schedule tab and choose your season from the dropdown on the right hand side. it puts the players on the right side (AFC/NFC). http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/dsp_game_schedule.php
  2. here's a post for the forum

    sorry to the 2 people that tried scheduling with me, but i just can't make time for tecmo right now. i thought i could give it a go this season, but i just don't have the drive to make it work. carry on smartly, everyone.
  3. Regulator the biggest Bum

    Last time I asked cubs fan he declined, but i like him as an owner
  4. best usb controllers?

    i don't see how you could go wrong with the x-bone controller.
  5. best usb controllers?

    I like mine, but I'm not worried about having an authentic nes feel. I like the controller in general, and I like how I can use it for other pc games as well.
  6. best usb controllers?

    xbox 1 controller d-pad has corrected the problem of the 360.
  7. explanation of salary

    i realized this wasn't posted anywhere. there's a new page in the "official" section found here: http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/salary.php not sure if we'll ever implement a salary cap, but feedback on the salary structure would be useful.
  8. Holy Hell Robert Brazile? 23 sacks in 6 games?!?!?!

    it was what it was. not saying you're doing it purpose. we've always had a good connection in the past, but my situation prevented that. but it is 100x easier to get sacks with high latency.
  9. Holy Hell Robert Brazile? 23 sacks in 6 games?!?!?!

    if pit's other games are as laggy as ours was, then it makes complete sense. 6 of those sacks came in a 3rd party servers lag fest.
  10. bills need assistance

    @Neerrm have you tried registering again?
  11. set your playbooks on phile

    you can now set your default playbooks on the website by hovering over the "My..." nav tab and clicking playbook. your setup there will get written to the rom at the time of d/l. your opponents won't see it until they d/l the rom. please note that this can increase desyncs if a playbook is changed between the time you and your opponent d/l the rom. if you desync it's easiest for both players to redownload the rom and go from there.
  12. New owner in New Orleans is rzalbac

    Whoa! Why is daboy out?
  13. bills need assistance

    hmm..at which step? i was able to sign up a new user without a problem.
  14. bills need assistance

    @Neerrm register an account on the phile and i'll put you in.
  15. bills need assistance

    Kweh was going to be the next person I suggested. This works perfectly. Thanks