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  1. Stepping down

    Thanks guys. Love the HSTL and will be checking the boards as I look for the appropriate time to return.
  2. Stepping down

    Unfortunately, I have to step down as the Brown's owner. I have been away from home for 6 weeks trying to keep up with the league but today is the first time I've been on a computer in almost two weeks. It's not fair to the other owners and I apologize to anybody who has been trying to get on a schedule with me. I tried my best to make this season happen but I knew it'd be a tough summer for gaming for me. Thanks everyone for the fun and I hope to rejoin when I get to Hawaii (home) later this year.
  3. THE PEOPLE's Court - Oilers vs Steelers Desynch

    Welcome to my world...
  4. HSTL 25 - SIG WARS

    Is the weakest year for sigs?
  5. Easiest/toughest division

    We had three playoff teams in the AFC Central last year and I don't really look forward to playing Randy and daboys twice every season. Brad isn't an issue.
  6. Phil

    Posted at 2:39pm. Hahaha, that was awesome! I knew there was a reason you chose me as your best man for your wedding. Great minds think alike!
  7. Phil

    I'll play you Thursday when I go over to visit Randy. I play better with an audience.
  8. Phil

    Like I said Brad, don't start with me. You'll quickly find that I have all my bases covered and my claim that you're a liar will continue to be justified. I'll give you one more piece of evidence: 1st Offense - Warning zack 2nd Offense - Drop of five slots in next season's draft 3rd Offense - Trip to the back of the line for next season's draft picks 4th Offense - Forfeiture of playoff eligibility and/or boot 5th Offense - Mahatma Ghandi, Crocodile Dundee, and Djiboutied Where is my warning Brad? I can't see it. Please help me out.
  9. Phil

    You were not on at 7pm last Tuesday. I refrained from calling you a liar in my last post and just went the respectable route. Please don't go to battle with me. It's not worth my time or worth your reputation.
  10. Phil

    ????? I was on the last time we agreed on and even left you a message. Anyway, I'm sensing that you are wanting to be abrasive. Since you don't want to work with me, I'll see you when I see you.
  11. Phil

    You got a time for me in the next couple days for a double-header?
  12. Phil

    After 7pm EST
  13. Phil

    How is tomorrow looking? I'm pretty open.
  14. Week 1: Jets @ Browns

    I agree. Fun times Bob.
  15. About to get settled down in the Pacific Northwest and I'll be available for games soon after I get a computer set up over here with AIM, Nestopia etc.