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  1. All Signed up. Look forward to hanging out with my fellow New Yorkers!
  2. I will not be attending. Apologies. Long Island is the week after and I might begin my own tournament in September with NYC in October.
  3. Elmsford, NY is the location for the first ever KFC Bowl. New York, CT & PA were represented at this tournament. Special thanks to Patrick B. for organizing the tourney. I do not remember much of the tournament, other than it was awesome how the Elsmford KFC sponsored it. Spectators from all over came to watch. There were a couple intense games. Ryan Krebs came out of retirement and was advancing to the semi's, but Brian Rausse scored on a last second sliding catch to Ellard for a TD. I played Jon B. Pat B. Ryan K. and Brian R. Brian and I were in the final. Bengals- Dolphins. James Brooks got the chicken leg award for a good game on the ground. Final was 21-7. Bengals over Dolphins. This was the most memorable tournament I have ever experienced. Always order extra crispy. Had a great time with everyone. Until next year for KFC Bowl II
  4. Final: Colts- 21 Patrioiots- 10 In the third meeting this season the Colts travel to New England to take on the 1 seed Patriots in their 13-3 season. The game began with the Pats winning the toss and kicking. Colts were held on downs and punt. Pats travel down field and hit Graddy for the 7-0 score. Colts go down with a nice drive of their own and tie 7-7. Before half, Pats play it smart get in FG range and hit the FG 10-7 Pats at half half time Pats begin the half with the ball, a couple mis clicks and it is INT'd by Mike Harden. Colts cap it off with a Mark Ingram TD. 14-10 Colts. Pats get ball methodically driving down the field. on a 4th down are held trying to hit a JJ, but barely misses Tim Brown. Colts take over. on a third and 6 Mitchell hits Stephone Paige for a TD 21-10. Pats get ball...called play fumble. Colts defender take it out of bounds. 21-10 Final. GG to Toolie. Always a pleasure. Great season.
  5. Final: Colts - 20 Chargers - 14 It was no picnic trying to stop Barry Sanders on this day. The AFC West was probably fun to watch this season. Simply put, this game went my way with some ridiculous catches and a fumble in OT by Barry on a called play to turn the tide. GG to Game High Colts go to New England for the third meeting this season
  6. Final: Colts- 24 Jets- 17 Ever play Tecmo with Mononucleosis? That's what I did today. The struggle is real. Colts take a 17-0 lead before half, but game gets dropped from bad connection issues. We recreate and proceed. Jets come out the second game booming getting the score 24-17 with one last heave. JJ is timed perfectly, but overthrown. Colts win 24-17 GG to Hock Happy Easter & Passover everybody.
  7. Final: Colts- 17 Falcons-14 No game recap really in this one. Bad lag took place and it was tough to determine who would have came out on top with a clean game. Falcons wanted to start-over, but decided to play through things. I would have been cool with beginning over for better connection issues. However, much respect to the Falcons owner for sticking it out even just 1 game back of the division leader and 1 seed in the NFC. That is admirable. With that being said, Colts hoping the Falcons make it to the SB. I like Prime's style with playing through things, and how far he has come to do so well in his seasons. GL to Vince & the Falcons
  8. Final: Colts- 23 Jets- 7 Game begins with the Colts kicking off. Jets are unable to move down field and go for it on 4th down. No dice. Leahy kicks a FG 3-0 Colts. Jets get ball, fumble. Colts recover. Blair runs it in 10-0 Colts. Jets get ball before half, unable to move the ball. Mitchell is in. a try to the endzone fails 10-0 Colts at halftime. Colts receive. Go down field and get a TD. Extra point blocked by DT 16-0 Colts. Jets get ball and move down field. 16-7. Onside kick fails. Colts get a TD by Mark Ingram. Jets get ball and put in Carlson. Pass falls incomplete. GG to Hock.
  9. Final: Colts- 17 49ers- 13 Game began with the Colts kicking and 9ers receiving. 9ers drive down to the Red Zone and kick the FG 3-0 49ers. From there, Colts get to work and drive down field for a TD 7-3. 49ers receive ball and get a TD of their won 10-7. Before half. Mitchel and Paige hook up. try to get a TD. nothing going. FG try is good from Leahy 10-10 at the break. halftime Colts begin half slowly making their way down field. get into the red zone and the FG try is blocked by bill romanowski. 49ers get ball, throw a long JJ to Duncan down field with about 2 minutes 38 seconds remaining. go out of bounds at the Colts 3 or so. They try running clock. get it to about 1 minute 40 seconds and get teh FG 13-10 in the 4th. Scott Mitchell takes over. JJ to Paige. 46 seconds remaining. Sliding dive catch on Lott for the TD 17-13. Colts 9ers try one last heave. Get the JJ. Colts defense takes down Duncan. GG to Rockman
  10. Final: Colts- 17 Bills-7 Game began with the Bills kicking. Colts receive. Drive downfield, but BLAIR THOMAS gets hurt. 4th down and 15. Colts decide to go for it. Get some magic that usually happens against themselves and Brister completes a called play JJ to Mark Ingram. Colts get the TD 7-0 Bills answer. drive down and it is 7-7 on a nicely moved offense by Hoff. Colts get ball. get a TD but Ivey Joe Hunter goes down to Injry who was in GOOD. Hector and Baxter leading the charge now. Get the TD 14-7. Colts hold before half. 14-7 Halftime- trampolines Half begins, Bills get ball. Are held on downs. Pat Leahy kicks a FG 17-7 Colts. From there, Colts hold on a goaline stand from the 1 yard line. A few exchanges lead to the same score 17-7. Colts drones were flying this game. Not sure what got into them, but they were there. GG to Hoff. You still my BAE..sorry about Brister being gay on the called play JJ to begin the game..
  11. 1. Thanks, @Jebigred 2. Yeah, don't worry about the chucking. Some people do it purposely, but you did it as a means to keep competing. 3. The Hilliard injury hurt for sure. 4. It was good playing you for the first time. GL in your season.
  12. Final: Colts- 24 Broncos-14 Game began with the Colts receiving. Going downfield methodically and capping it off with a TD 7-0. Colts. COlts defense stellar all season, most touchdowns coming via the JJ that they have given up. Cotls defense holds 14-0 Colts as they get a TD by Mark Ingram. Before half Broncos trying to move the ball. are able to slightly, Hit Sterling Sharpe for a JJ TD before half 14-7. Halftime- Girls on Trampolines Broncos get ball at half. Move down field, but end up being held. COlts get ball and get a Pat leahy FG 17-7. Broncos once again not doing much on offense, JJ to Sharpe for another td 17-14 we have a game. Colts unleash the secret weapon Scott Mitchell. Mark Ingram competition off the bat to the 1. Blair Thomas caps it off with a TD 24-14 is the final. GG to Jeb.
  13. Final: Colts- 21 Rams- 7 It is no easy task to stop Bo Jackson, but the Colts defense was as solid today as constipated shit running through ones butthole. Rams begin game clawing away, but too many jukes and moves has Bo running into a Colts defender and he plants i on the ground. Colts recover. 7-0 Colts on the legs of Linda Blair/ Blair Thomas/ The Blair Witch Project. Rams get ball, Rypien Farts overthrows the TE on a 4th down by a tad. Blair gets another go ahead TD. 14-0 Colts. Rams get ball before half. Called play, slide catch convert. The Third Reich hits up Reed before half. TD 14-7 at the break. Halftime- Girls jumping on trampolines Colts receive. Moving the ball after Ivey Joe Hunter somehow scampers to mid field. 4th down and 4. Mitchell runs for the first...barely. Johnny Starship Hector gets the ball. TD. 21-7 Colts. Rams get ball. Colts defense holds. Mike Harden gets the INT. Colts run clock to end the game and do not put any more points in the board, because they are classy motherfuckers. GG to my good friend Gerald. Always fun to play vs him and just chat. GL to him on his season with Bo. I think the God's were just on my side tonight. Bob Golic was the key difference maker.
  14. Final: Colts- 27 Browns- 21 Colts stampede over the Browns careless souls. I have nothing else more to say. Fuck that lag spike before regulation that made Baxter fumble, and came out of nowhere at the PERFECT time. GG BoJackRabbit.
  15. Final: Da Horseshoe- 35 Dolphins-0 After a couple of season off Coach DeGeorge returned to his favorite original ROM team. Colts began the game kicking and a stellar defensive effort was led by Gil Byrd and Leslie O'neal stopping Warren Moon and Ottis Anderson. Scott Mitchell & Bubby Brister combined for the two headed monster on offense along witht he running of Blair Thomas and Starship Johnny Hector. Mark Ingram #82 on the fields and #1 in the prison's top 10 list had a great day combining for 3 touchdown receptions. GG to Beastquake.